As winter approaches, you may notice your airways drying out and becoming irritated. This can lead to the dreaded dry cough that many people struggle with throughout the coldest months of the year. Fortunately, there are things you can do to soothe your irritated airways. Here are some of the best ways to treat a dry cough in the winter.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Many people struggle to drink enough fluids during the winter because they’re less inclined to feel thirsty in cold weather. But your body needs adequate liquid in the winter to keep airways moist and avoid dehydration. Make sure you’re drinking at least 64 ounces of water per day to combat dry coughs and maintain proper hydration.

Take Cough Medication

Sometimes, the best way to treat a cough is to take medication. Brillia medication is unlike other types of over-the-counter cough medicines, though. It doesn’t come with the side effects often associated with cough medicine. It’s also clinically proven to shorten the duration of your cough.

Homeopathic cough medicine is a great choice for people who don’t like to use medicines containing chemicals and other potentially harmful ingredients. Plus, homeopathic options often work to target the underlying cause of your symptoms instead of just masking the symptoms.

Use a Humidifier

To combat dry air in your own home this winter, use a humidifier regularly. You may even want to keep a humidifier by each bed in your house and turn it on every night. Nighttime is when many people cough the most, but breathing in the damp air from a humidifier can help.

Keep Cough Drops in Your Pocket

Few experiences are more embarrassing than developing a coughing fit while in a movie theater, talking with friends or sitting in a work meeting. To prepare for the possibility of a tickly, dry throat when you least expect it, keep cough drops in your pocket at all times. That way you can pop one discreetly in your mouth the moment your throat starts to feel dryer than usual.  

Diffuse Eucalyptus Oil in Your Home

Eucalyptus oil is known to soothe dry airways and minimize coughs. It can also loosen up mucus so your coughs are more productive. To enjoy the benefits of eucalyptus during cold and flu season, dilute a few drops of eucalyptus oil with water in a diffuser and fill your home with healing, refreshing vapors.

Take a Cough Suppressant

For those times when you can’t risk coughing (such as while meeting with a client or giving a speech), take a cough suppressant. The best cough suppressant for dry cough is one that supports immune function and suppresses coughs without the use of harsh chemicals. Take this type of product before your meeting or event to experience its benefits.

It’s natural to experience dry coughs during the winter, but there are things you can do to decrease their frequency and intensity. Try the tips above to keep your airways moist and in good working order during the coldest months of the year.