Long and challenging characters might occasionally be a difficult effort to manage if you keep your URLs elsewhere for references. Additionally, sharing lengthy links on social media may come out as a little spammy.

There are several URL shorteners that can shorten lengthy URLs into more manageable ones to combat this. Your audience will find it simple to share it without any reluctance if you use them.

Additionally, the majority of URL shorteners let you monitor views, clicks, and other statistics. It’s a fantastic tool for marketing.

I’ve included a list of some of the top URL shorteners with branded Domains in this article. Let’s begin the list right now.

  1. T2M URL Shortener
  2. Bitly
  3. Rebrandly
  4. Clkim
  5. Blink
  1. T2M URL Shortener

You may offer your brand a unique appearance using T2M URL Shortener’s one-click URL shortening and comprehensive customization tools. As a result, T2M is the best-known URL shortener.

Your short URLs may have a customized domain added to them, be linked to specific promotional initiatives, and even have dynamic QR codes made for each one.

Using the T2M dashboard, you can quickly password-protect your new shortened URLs and add time restrictions.

The dashboard’s data analytics feature allows you to track and analyze each click, and you can receive thorough analytics reports for easy printing and sharing.

Using T2M rebrandable URLs, you may make your links fit your brand’s colour scheme.

You may instantly generate connections to a variety of short domains for marketing, branding efforts, or other activities.

Utilizing the user-friendly interface, you can create unique customized redirects for any links using your custom base domain and customized redirects for 404 short URLs.

Price range: $9.99 to $89 per month

custom domains, yes

  1. Bitly

You are aware of Bitly unless you have been hiding out. It does more than simply shorten URLs; it’s arguably the most well-known URL shortener. You may obtain information on your links’ clickers, their geographic origin, and the website or other source from which they originated.

You may alter your links to include particular characters that fit your brand. You can’t really go wrong with this service because it is utilized by major corporations like Disney, ESPN, Amazon, and Nike.

Bitly offers free initial use, but premium options beginning at $29/month are also available.

  1. Rebrandly

Rebrandly has more than 100 integrations and a number of features that are pretty unique. You can track every click and view on your shortened links, add your brand name to them, improve their reach, and work together with your team.

With over 250,000 satisfied users, Rebrandly is expanding.

Pricing levels begin at $29/month, however you may sign up for free to try out the free plan before paying anything.

  1. Clkim

A platform for link shortening with many adaptable features is called Clkim. It enables you to maximize the potential of your links through the use of:

  • Branded short URLs
  • Users will be guided via clever redirection depending on context
  • Retargeting users and creating personalized lists
  • Ad-based link monetization

Apart from that, Clkim can be set up in about two minutes and is very configurable. You receive excellent service that is available around-the-clock and thorough analytics to help you keep on top of your marketing.

You can choose a plan with monthly payments as little as $10 when paid annually. But before you start using it, you can take advantage of a 14-day free trial.

  1. Blink

Brands like Airbnb, Ray-Ban, and Coca-Cola utilize Blink because it works effectively for both individuals and teams. You can effortlessly connect their API into your ecosystem and monitor and track your links with this tool. You also receive a ton of valuable tools to help you set up your project and achieve the greatest outcomes.

It is simple to scale it up over time because you may just pay for the things you use right away and upgrade later. The fact that you can access this platform from different devices thanks to its IOS app and Google Chrome extension is great.

Finally, it’s critical to note that they uphold enterprise-grade security and compliance, ensuring that all of your data and other information is always secure.