A URL shortener is a tool that generates a brief, distinctive URL that directs users to a certain website of their choice.

In essence, they simplify and shorten URLs. Your new, shorter URL will generally contain the URL of the URL shortener website along with a string of random characters.

A URL like animalplanet.com/tv-shows/puppy-bowl/full-episodes/puppy-bowl-xvi, for instance, would produce the link ow.ly/uK2f50AJDI6 when entered into the Hootsuite Ow.ly link shortener. The connection is reduced by 48 letters as a result.

In rare circumstances, you can even add a custom sentence to this micro URL. Here we discus best URL shorteners and QR generators.

  1. T2M URL Shortener and QR Generator
  2. Bitly
  3. TinyURL
  4. TinyCC.com
  5. Rebrandly
  1. T2M URL Shortener and QR Generator

All-in-one link management software is T2M URL Shortener focuses on providing high-quality service at a reasonable price.

Each user will get a server response that is totally customized to them because T2M employs dedicated instances. This ensures a speedy redirect to the URL of your choice. You may decide where the link should appear or create brief, unique URLs to increase clicks.

With the premium membership, you may create more complex URLs, such as vanity URLs and password-protected URLs. For online businesses searching for flexible, concise URLs, it is the best choice.


  • No-spam policy
  • Custom-made short URLs
  • Encompassing analysis
  • Using a single click, domain mapping
  • Mass creation of URLs
  • Unconstrained API
  • URL that never expires
  • Specific instance
  • Instant QR code
  • Bring in CSV


If all you want to do is use the fundamental T2M service, you can upgrade to the basic tier for $5 once. There are no ongoing fees; the $5 is used just for spam prevention and verification.

The next four continuing programs are paid for on a monthly or annual basis:

Normally: $9.99 per month

Cons: $29.99 per month

$899.99 per month for premium

dedicated – contact sales

Additionally, you’ll get three months for free if you pay yearly.

  1. Bitly

In the stylish dashboard, the extensive data and analytics include performance measures including link history, demographics, device type tracking, and mobile-deep link reporting.

Through the Bitly connection, you can immediately create links from your other marketing platforms, such as Sprout Social. Additionally, each link is secured using HTTPS encryption to prevent eavesdropping or outside interference.

Important characteristics:

  • Make brand-related linkages
  • Shorten the URL or slug
  • Automatic brand linkages
  • Control links
  • Make mobile-friendly deep connections
  • Overseeing campaign connections
  • Create UTM parameters.
  • Study performance information
  • Access over 700 applications
  • Utilize the API
  • Link encryption (SSL)
  1. TinyURL

The first and still free link shortener, TinyURL now provides businesses with a complete platform for link management. You can develop, manage, track, and promote your brand through link campaigns of various sizes with a TinyURL premium account.

To make abbreviated URLs more user-friendly, you may alter the end of them or use your own branded domain. So that you can see where visitors are clicking from, what devices they are using, and how many clicks you receive over time, you can then track the link performance in the dashboard.

Important characteristics:

  • Make branded and unique connections.
  • Shorten the URL or slug
  • Control your personal connections
  • Analyze campaign data.
  • Analyze current performance
  • Unlimited click data tracking
  • View a dashboard with consolidated stats.
  1. TinyCC.com

The premium commercial version of the original, cost-free Tiny.cc URL shortener is called TinyCC.com. You may manage, track, brand, and shorten a large number of URLs using its straightforward interface.

Additionally, you may add retargeting pixels to short links to track interest in particular goods and increase advertising ROI. This will automatically redirect visitors based on language preferences.

Important characteristics:

  • Include unique domains
  • Brand your short links
  • Real-time link editing
  • Organize connections based on campaigns and categories.
  • Make intelligent link redirects
  • Examine location-based reporting
  • Create original QR code
  • Insert retargeting pixels
  • Track down broken connections
  1. Rebrandly

Using a custom domain name, you can brand, track, and distribute short URLs using Rebrandly’s link management tool.

By include your business name on each link you post, you may increase brand awareness and credibility. Then, utilize the precise click data to monitor the effectiveness of your social media, email marketing, advertisements, and SEO.

Branded links may be easily included into your existing procedures, workflows, and tools since Rebrandly integrates to your present marketing stack.

Important characteristics:

  • Use a variety of domain names
  • Make brand-related linkages
  • Increase SSL encryption
  • Produce QR codes
  • Mark up your links
  • Redirecting deep mobile links
  • Include UTM parameters.
  • Track monthly clicks
  • Make demographics visible
  • Create unique reports
  • Sync with more than 100 applications
  • GDPR-compliant