Canyon is a place that can be said to be a deep valley. Rivers moving at a great pace carve the path out during a prolonged period. Generally, canyons are also formed due to erosion from the plateau level. Many people love to witness the beautiful scenario that is generated by the place. If you are a European, you might not be familiar with the word “Canyon” as the word is more famous in the United States. Instead, you might be familiar with the word Gorge. Today are going to look at certain Best Travel Destinations for Canyon Loversthat you’ll love to visit. 

  • Colca Canyon

Located in Peru, this Colca Canyon is a canyon formed out of the Colca river. The place is full of cultural history and serves the purpose of habitat to the Giant Andean Condor. It is also considered one of the deepest Canyons and is one of the many places that you must visit if you are near Arequipa. 

  • Todra Gorge

If you are looking for one of the best places in Morocco, Todra Gorge is the place. The gorge gets narrowed to as little as 33 feet. Beside it and both sides, there are mountains that are around 525 feet high. It is an amazing place to visit and if you love canyons, it is a must-visit place for you. 

  • Taroko Gorge

One of the most iconic attractions of Taiwan, Taroko Gorge is located near the easter coast of the island. Moreover, hiking can also be done at that place like manchester of india. The gorge is also 19 km long and different kinds of scenarios such as white-water rapids as well as cliffs can be seen while visiting that place. 

  • Copper Canyon

Located in Mexico, Copper Canyon is a Large network formed by six rivers next to the Sierra Tumhara. The place is famous for hiking and has got its name due to the copper-green colour of the canyon walls. The infamous Cheppe train connects the place with more than 80 tunnels passing and crossing around 40 bridges during the trip. 

  • Kings Canyon

Located in the southern region of Australia, the Kings Canyon is one of the famous places of Australia. Located near the desert region, the place offers a variety of alluring views of the vicinity. There is an aboriginal site and hence, the visitors are often prohibited to walk around that place. 

  • Fish River Canyon

Around 100 miles long and 180 miles wide, and more than 1800 feet in depth, this Fish River Canyon is a famous place in Namibia. It is one of the largest canyon in Africa and also the second on the list of most popular tourist attractions in Namibia. It possesses rugged terrain and hence attracts visitors from each and every place over the world. 

  • Samaria Gorge

Samaria Gorge is a place located in Greece. It is located in the southwest Crete and is 16 km long. It is observed that more than a quarter of a million people visit the place and hence, it is one of the most famous Gorge. The path is through forests and is around 5 hours long. 

  • Gorge du Verdon

When we talk about canyons, how can we forget this beauty from France! This river canyon is located in the southern region of France ranks top in the list of most beautiful places in Europe. Located beside the Verdon River, the canyon is 25 km in length is 700 metres high from the river. Different water sports such as sailing, water skiing and even kayaking along with rafting are also carried out due to the enticing view it generates. 

This was all about Best Travel Destination For Canyon Lovers. These places are located in different countries and many people visit the place especially Canyon lovers. We hope that the article has served its purpose and will help you in identifying the one where you want to head!