It does not matter whether or not you have used a time management app before, but one thing that all of us must have utilized is the alarm clock. There is an uncanny similarity between the two. They both help you be on time and ensure that you stay on top of the things that you desire to achieve throughout the day.

But why do you need a time management app? 

For students who shuffle between an umpteen number of things, time management is quintessential. Today, it has become easier to manage time, provided you have the right tools. There are several apps for students that can help in effective time management. These apps help the students better organize the college routines, get reminders for submitting their assignments, dissertations, exams, and manage the multiple to-do things across the day.

Now, the thing is, you can find an array of time management apps on the internet. We have personally reviewed a few of them and have shortlisted some of the best time management apps for you to guide you on your journey to effective time management.

So, let us get started and address these time management apps one by one. 

Rescue Time

It is one of the best time management app, which runs in the background round the clock. You can use the app on your phone or computer and keep a tab on your time on different websites and apps. The app will prepare a routine report, wherein you can check the places where you spend a significant chunk of your day and the total time you spend on screen every day. After you know how you spend your time around the day, you can rectify and get better at time management.

‘I have been using Rescue Time for a while now. This app has acted as an eye-opener for me. I did not even realize, but unknowingly I was spending around 4-5 hours every day on social media, which had an adverse effect on my productivity.

So, after seeing my report for a week, I finally took it on me to mend my habits. It has been two months that I have been using this app, and my time management skills have certainly improved for the better,’ comments Jeffery, an associate with PassionateRunners


TickTick is a wonderful mobile application, which is available for both Android and iOS users. On the app, you can set different reminders or alerts anytime you have a deadline. 

‘Anytime I have my task deadlines at work, I feed them in the TickTick app, and it keeps sending me alerts, which pushes me to complete my work in due time,’ comments Marry, an associate with RazorHood.

The app can give you clarity on your next task. You can even share your list if you are collaborating on a group project. This is a free app, but you can sign in for the premium version at only 27.99 USD per year if you need more features.

Focus Booster

The next app on our list for students is the Focus Booster app, which is modelled with the Pomodoro technique. You can use this app to break down your tight schedule into multiple bite-sized chunks. The professionals have designed the app to help you keep a tab on your time to bill clients.

In addition, the presence of a dashboard in the app for break reminders and time usage assures a boost in productivity. 

‘I have been using the Focus Booster app for a month now, and it has surely leaded to a spike in my productivity,’ shares Jennifer, an associate with MyPlumbersChoice.

The app is available for both Android and iOS users. Even the Mac version of the app is available. The basic version is free, but if you need added features, you can buy the individual plan for 3 USD per month or the professional plan for 5 USD per month. 


Known for its sharp and innovative interface, the 30/30 is the fast-paced and more modern version of the Focus Booster application. In the app, you can set timers to complete all your tasks in time. The app is swipe and gesture-based and helps you divide the schedule into 30-minute time periods, followed by the necessary well-placed breaks.

In addition, the app has a comprehensive dashboard, wherein you can see the completion of every task. This dashboard helps you track the time it takes for you to complete tasks. Consequently, you can plan your future routine accordingly.


‘Students are always in need of effective time management, and I always recommend them to use Evernote for the same,’ comments Stevie, an educator who offers product management certification courses online. 

Evernote is one of the most widely used time management apps, serving more than a few purposes. Students, regardless of their age, will find this app helpful. The app can be used to perform an array of different purposes, such as scheduling events, keeping notes, and collecting films, photos, and clips.

Furthermore, the app can also be used by students to prepare multimedia presentations in the app. College students can use this app to save their thoughts, ideas, study plans, assignment schedules, and images. This app will be particularly beneficial for students who study with different educational institutions or work and study part-time.  

Lastly, this app will serve a good purpose for careless or absent-minded students as it helps you make notes of your inspirations, ideas, and thoughts. Whatever you feed in one device will be auto-synced across all platforms. 

Overall, Evernote is a brilliant tool that can be used for preparing personal checklists, to-do lists, educational purposes, planning events, and setting reminders. You can also use the app for group projects or any task that requires collaboration with others. The app is available for macOS, Windows, Web, Android, and iOS users.

Bottom Line

So these are the top five best time management apps for students. Know of more such apps? Do share with us in the comments below.