Synthetic nicotine refers to nicotine produced from the laboratory and not a derivative from a natural plant. Companies producing this type of nicotine claim that it is the purest form of nicotine with no harmful additives included. But what are some of the best synthetic nicotine products you are likely to find in the market? Below are interesting details of what the best synthetic nicotine produced should be. You will be amazed at the number of producers who have shifted to synthetic nicotine, commonly referred to as TFN.

The Future of Vaping

Most manufacturers today seem to be moving away from plant derived nicotine out of a sudden demand and shift in consumer patterns. More people are choosing synthetic nicotine over the plant-based ones probably because they want to avoid the other side effects of the plant. Whatever the motivation is, this seems to be working positively for the industry. It also offers a great opportunity for manufacturers to explore synthetic nicotine production even further. With this new trend and wide acceptance of synthetic nicotine, it is easy to see why the industry has a bright future.

Does this mean that synthetic nicotine is better and less addictive? Hardly not. The only sure thing that can be said about synthetic nicotine products is that it is an easy way to get around legal hurdles. As things stand now, the future of the vaping industry is not in jeopardy as far as synthetic nicotine continues to be an option. 

While there may be strict rules around plant-derived nicotine, manufacturers and vaping product brands can still use synthetic nicotine without trouble. You may want to know which brands and products are known for using synthetic nicotine. Consider the following examples.

Zooka Synthetic

Zooka is a new line of NTN vape juice developed by Kilo Eliquids and is part of the bigger Kilo Sour Straw Collection. This is an excellent choice for vaping enthusiasts who may be seeking a combination of sweet fruit and sour flavors. With every puff, the overall feel that one gets is an extraordinary nicotine experience free from the plant-based derivative many people try to keep away from. The product is available in 100ml bottles and comes in two different strengths for varied clients’ needs. You can either get it in the 6mg or 3mg concentration.

Fresh Pressed

This is one of the popular products from a reputable company and vaping industry leader, the California Grown. The product uses the sub-ohm salt version of synthetic nicotine, perfect for sub-ohm vaping. Different flavors are involved in the creation of the ultimate vaping experience. You can get it in 60mls bottles and three strength variants. Buy your bottle of 0mg,6mg, or 3mg strengths depending on what you want. 

Kilo Moo Eliquids

This is one of the creations of the bigger Kilo Eliquids brand. It is a product that has been doing very well in the market thanks to the variety of flavorful taste combinations that give vapers a smooth, creamy feel every time. Moo Eliquids make it to this list because they also use synthetic nicotine in their 100 ml bottles. Users have the option of picking any of the three strengths these E-liquids come in, namely the 6mg, 3mg, or 0mg variants.

California Grown Sub Ohm Salts

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California grown Sub Ohm Salts is one of the most popular vape juices today. Like all the others, it also uses synthetic nicotine and comes in several pleasant menthol and fruity flavors. They are usually packaged in 60 ml bottles and are available in three strengths for different users. These include the 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg strength variations. Whatever you settle for, you can be sure that you will enjoy your vaping experience.

NKTR Vapor ELiquids

If you are looking to take your vaping experience to the next level with trend-setting e-liquids, you will undoubtedly enjoy the different unique flavors from NKTR. This is a creation of SQN and is considered the trendsetter of synthetic nicotines because it was the first brand to incorporate TFN in its brand. The collection of e-liquids under this brand consists of varied flavors ranging from fruity and sour flavors, all of which give a satisfying vaping experience. You can find it in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg strengths or concentrations for each of their 60mls bottles. 

Fresh Farm E-Liquid

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This is another brand from the California, Orange County, company. It offers a delightful collection of flavors and is, in fact, one of the premier synthetic nicotine brands around. You can get their synthetic nicotine sub-ohm slats that go well with their sub-ohm tanks/devices. You will enjoy all their ripe fruity flavors and the three nicotine strengths it offers. Buy any of their 60mls bottles for the 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg strengths.

The Way Forward

With more manufacturers in the vaping industry turning to synthetic nicotine, it is not surprising that it is gaining popularity. More products are using synthetic nicotine today. Coupled with the fact that people know they are not using plant-derived nicotine, it is no wonder that this trend is on the rise. As more people enjoy using this type of lab-produced nicotine, they are likely to adopt it and may even embrace it more. 

If there is no legal interference, then the chances are that the use of synthetic nicotine is here to stay. Just make sure you know which brands work best and what flavors you prefer before things change. Until the FDA comes in and unsettles the market/industry, many more companies in this industry may be venturing into synthetic nicotine production as this seems like the direction the industry is taking.

Final Thoughts

Several advantages come with synthetic nicotine, but the most significant one for producers and manufacturers is that it is entirely legal. This means that they do not struggle with legal implications with the plant-based derived nicotine. However, users need to exercise caution not to abuse nicotine since its effects remain the same. You need to know that synthetic nicotine may not be the traditional nicotine you are used to, but it still carries the same implications. It may have improved tastes and flavor, but users need to avoid abusing it. In the end, it helps to follow trends with safety in mind.