According to research, most small business owners spend 70% on their daily business routines and 30% planning to achieve their objectives. But time had gone by when entrepreneurs used traditional ways to perform business activities. Advancement in technology changed everything, and now the IT industry provides every problem solution that a business needs.

However small sizes businesses don’t have good budget to afford software and services to perform daily business operations. Therefore we have created a list of best solutions for business that covers everything that a company need, and most importantly, they are affordable for every business. And even some are free, that is a plus advantage.

A business must have these software and services like email marketing, data backup solution, website builder, office management, communication software, project management software, accounting tool, online payment method and customer relation software. To make your business more productive, these tools are essential to have a small business instead of spending too much time on manual work. The idea behind this is to work smarter, not harder. In this article, we have covered some of them which are necessary for business. Click here to learn more about how to Systemize your business with low code tools.

5 Best Solutions for Small Business – Which you must use

1 Best Backup Solutions

The first most important thing you need is a backup of data. No doubt, you don’t want to lose your important files and customer’s data. Regular backup is the simplest solution to secure all of the data. Therefore, there are two ways to keep backup; local storage and cloud storage. Both are good on their side with some limitations. But cloud storage is best, fast, cost-effective, secure and reliable for backup compares to physical external drives.

And there are many services that offer cloud backup solutions for small businesses at affordable prices like Idrive, CrashPlan, Backblaze, Barracuda, Carbonite, Solarwind and many more. Don’t worry about security and privacy. Cloud services offer industry-standard protocols like 128bit and 256bit data transfer methods. And your data remains secure whether it is uploading on an online server or downloading to the local computer.

Furthermore, they allow you to set up your private key, which means only you can access hosted data using the private key; even services providers cannot access it. However, if you forget the key, there is no way to recover data. So only use it when it is necessary.

2 Best Email Marketing Tool

Email marketing is a must to have a tool to engage with the target audience. But there are many emails services, and most of them don’t fit a small business. Like some are too expensive or required great expertise to design a successful Email marketing. However, MailChimp is one of the best services that provides all essential features at an affordable cost.

MailChimp has been offering its services since 2006 and has a large number of customers worldwide. It is a complete marketing platform that offers a range of features for small to large businesses. You can create a landing page, website, popup form and postcard with ease using MailChimp. MailChimp provides several great features like A/B testing, pre-ready-made emails templates, specific customer retargeting, and many more to make a great email marketing campaign.

Most importantly, a non-experienced user design and build email campaign using their drag and drop functionality. Its free plan is great for a starter business that won’t want to spend on email services. A free tier allows you to add a 2000 subscriber list, and you can send up to 10,000 emails per month. Some other notable features that free subscription include basic templates, landing page creation, retargeting, automation and the campaign’s analytics report. Even paid plans are not too expensive for small companies.

Best Website Builder: Wix

A website is a business voice on the internet that represent a company online. But creating a professional-looking website will eat up your most of budget. Luckily Wix web builder makes it possible to create a website without coding in minutes at an affordable cost. Currently, more than 200millions customers from 190 counties are using the Wix platform. Its drag and drop features with pre-built mobile responsive templates let you create a professional business site in minutes.

Furthermore, if you want to sell online, Wix provides an inbuilt e-commerce platform with many features to make an online store. You can manage inventory and order using a simple dashboard and see a report of total revenue, orders and complete information about store. Furthermore, Wix also allows the integration of different payment methods to receive online payment. Although it will let you to create a free website, professional features are only supported with a premium subscription.

Wix offers three different paid plans, including Basic, Unlimited and VIP. The Basic business plan includes 20GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, custom domain, online payment support, no ads and analytics report for 23$ per month. The Unlimited plan has all features of basic plus more storage space up to 35GB and support for a professional logo for 27$ per month. While VIP subscription for 49$ includes both features of first two plus 500GB memory, unlimited video hours and dedicated customer support.

Best Office Software: Office 365

When it comes to document management software, no one is better than Office 365 that support cloud version to work wherever you want remotely. If you ever used MS office software, it is going too easy for you. Office 365 is the cloud-based version that has a significant number of advantages over using offline MS office.

Like you can open and work on document files in the office, home or when you’re travelling using an internet connection, and you’re not bond with devices, you can open files on mobile, Tablets too. 2ndly cloud storage is a great backup solution; all document files remain safe on the remote storage. Office 365 provides native integration with Microsoft Onedrive.

Best Software for Communication in Business

There is many software for different types of communication channels like video calls, text and email messaging. Flock is the best one for internal communication with team members that provides a fast messenger app. It allows sending messages to single and multiple users; besides, you can also securely share files and documents.  Slack is another good alternative to Flock that gives similar functionality. But in comparison, Slack’s packages are more costly, and also both offer a free tier for the primary level.

Best Visitor Management Software:

Apart from building a solid brand image and streamlining other operations, it is vital to keep security and compliance a priority. By keeping this in mind, we suggest you opt for visitor management software to keep a record of people who enter and exit your enterprise.

Best Videos Call App

Video calling tools give more flexibility for face-to-face live calls with team members, clients, and customers. Zoom and Skype are the two most popular options for video conferencing.