Sit to Stand Desks are designed to allow people to move around while working. They’re also known as “ergonomic” because they reduce strain on the body by allowing workers to change positions frequently.

The Benefits of a Sit to Stand Desk

There are several benefits to using a sit to stand desk. First, it helps prevent back pain. Sitting for extended periods of time puts pressure on the spine, causing muscles to tighten and become stiff. This can lead to lower back pain. By moving around every hour or so, you help keep your muscles loose and flexible.

A sit to stand desk allows employees to work from a standing position instead of sitting at a desk all day. Employees who use sit to stands report feeling less tired and having better posture than those who sit at a desk all day long. In addition, studies show that using a sit to stand desk reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Important features in a sit-stand desk

Sit-stand desks are becoming increasingly popular in today’s office environment, as they offer a number of benefits over traditional desks. When choosing a sit-stand desk, it is important to consider a few key features.

First, the desk should be adjustable to a wide range of heights. This will ensure that it can be used by people of different heights, and that it can be positioned at the perfect height for each individual user.

Second, the desk should be stable and sturdy. It is important that the desk does not wobble or shake, as this can be uncomfortable and unsafe.

Third, the desk should have a smooth surface. This will make it easier to work on and will help to prevent papers from slipping or getting caught on rough edges.

Finally, the desk should be easy to assemble and disassemble. This is important for those who may need to move their desk frequently, or who may want to adjust the height of their desk on a regular basis. By considering these features, you can choose the perfect sit-stand desk for your needs.

Types of Sit to Stand Desks

There are two main types of sit to stand desks: the full sit-stand desk, and the sit-stand desk converter. 

Full sit-stand desk, as the name suggests, is a proper desk that has legs capable of extending. When the leg extends the table top height varies. This type is ideal for people who need full space on the table top, as the whole piece can be elevated.

Artiss Electric Sit Stand Height Adjustable Desk 120cm

Figure 1 – Full Size Sit-Stand Desk

Sit-stand desk converter is a smaller version of a sit-stand desk that is placed on the top of a conventional desk. The converter can elevate its own table top. The main benefit of a sit-stand desk converter is the price, as it is significantly cheaper than a full sit-stand desk. However, it offers a smaller surface area. 

Brateck Gas Spring Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Converter with Keyboard Tray Deck

Figure 2 – Sit-Stand Desk Converter

Choosing the Right One for You

In terms of adjusting the height of the table, both types of sit-stand desk will perform the same. That being said, the way you can adjust the height will vary. A motorized sit-stand desk will allow you to change the height of your desk by pushing a bottom, while the manual version of the desk will have you pulling a lever to achieve the same result.

The motorized model also offers some useful features, such as pre-set height according to your preference, time reminder, alarm, etc. Those features can allow you to take the best of the sit-stand desk, so if it is within your budget, it should be your desk of choice. Both, full sit-stand desk, and desk converter can be manual or motorized. 

Another important factor that you should take into consideration before choosing your sit-stand desk is the amount of stationary you wish to keep on the table. If all you have is a laptop, or a computer keyboard, then a sit-stand desk converter should be enough. On the other hand, if you have a phone, tablet, pen holder, book and other items, you will benefit from using a full-size sit-stand desk. 

Premium vs standard sit-stand desk

When you are in the market for a standing desk is very easy to be overwhelmed with information from different suppliers and dozens, if not hundreds of different features this product may have. You will find desk made of fine and rare timber, elegant design, curved edges and the list goes on and on.

While these desks will definitely look nice and will undoubtedly be a nice piece of furniture in the office, they can be sold for $1,000 or more. If this amount is within your budget, fine. But if it is not, don’t let this misleading information stopping you from having a sit-stand desk.

A good sit-stand desk will be motorized, have a smooth operation, be sturdy and stable, have pre-set adjustment and reminder of when you need to stand, or sit while you are working. That isit. Anything extra might be good, but definitely not necessary.

A good standing desk doesn’t need to be complicated and overpriced. Remember, desks are an ancient and simple device, it’s not because if changes its height that is needs to cost over $1,000.

DIY sit-stand desks

Overall, for a handy person who has tools, time and carpenter skills; building a sit-stand desk might not be impossible. However, the methods used to adjust the height will often be manual and difficult to adjust. If your sit-stand desk cannot be easily adjustable to a comfortable height, you will not benefit from using it. In fact, if it is difficult to be used, you will end up being seated all day and not use the desk at all. 

Besides, the cost of the material and tools to build a sit-stand desk can easily be more expensive than the final product if you bought from a retailer shop. So you need to plan carefully if you really want to build your own sit-stand desk.

However, some shops sell just the motorized desk frame, which means all you have to do is to build a table top and attach it to the frame. This is a great alternative that allows people access to high quality and functional desks at a lower price. 

Brateck 2-Stage Single Motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame with button Control Panel-Black Colour (FRAME ONLY)

Figure 3 – Motorized Sit-Stand Desk Frame

Final Words

There you have the two most popular types of sit-stand desk, their differences and benefits. I hope this article could help you in your decision whether or not a sit-stand desk is good for you and how you can choose the best one for your needs.