VPS hosting is a better version of shared hosting, in which you share the same server but separate resources like RAM, storage and space. The resources are dedicated to your website that increases the worth of the website and security. No other person can distort or come into your field so it will be easier to keep the site safe from data theft and cybercrimes. 

Secure VPS is the perfect solution for bigger enterprises that don’t want to pay for dedicated servers, so they just go for the separate resources. VPS gives best high speed, bandwidth, security, SSD storage needed for any good business to run on a good scale. 

Secure VPS Hosting Benefits

  • It is a private server that is secure and safe for your data and files
  • Easy and quick usage, to grow business or change plans without the hassle of permissions or waiting for long hours. 
  • Reliable and fast system as the neighbors will not make the speed slow
  • More independent and flexible hosting enabling the usage of resources as per your need
  • Secure VPS hosting is reasonable and cheap as compared to dedicated servers giving the same services enough for any business.

TheEmailShop – Secure VPS server

It isn’t hard to tell that this hosting provider from the UK is best seeing to its plan and features offered. Some of the advantages you may have,

Stability and security

Raid, DDoS protection and other security technologies may help you secure the data from the neighbors on the same server. Stay calm as none of your information will be accessed by others. 24/7 monitoring of the site and backup facility will make the business even easier. 

Variety of Plans

The Email Shop adjusts with your needs and budget. It is a versatile provider giving benefits to beginners and professionals at the same time. VPS lite, starter, pro, power, power pro, premier, ultimate, and ultimate power+ are some of the basic plans that vary in features with the prices. You can add more features with separate payment. 

100% uptime 

With IPv4 & IPv6 Internet protocols and dedicated IP address not only helps in securing the site rather functions for the speed and stability. With your IP address no other user is connected, so don’t worry for the hindrance during more usage, your server will run 20x faster as always. 

Optional Operating System

The Email Shop lets the user choose the server whether Windows or Linux.Best VPS hosting UK is supported by cPanel/WHM and Plesk both. Both serve for the best uptime. 


What is the difference between Secure VPS and VPN?

They are totally different things that may confuse the users. VPN (virtual private network) is the connection between you and the internet through an encrypted tunnel while VPS (virtual private server) is a hosting type through which websites are run with the help of providers. 

 Which one is better: dedicated hosting or VPS hosting?

Dedicated hosting is for bigger enterprises with more cost while VPS hosting is the best option for anyone with any kind of budget. You can go for any one of the hosting types depending on your needs. VPS is a secure hosting type that gives access to private or dedicated resources that provides uptime guarantee and speed. 

What are the types of secure VPS hosting?

There are mainly two types, managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. In managing the whole system and site responsibility is on the provider such as maintenance, software’s, upgradation etc. While in an unmanaged system, the site control is on your shoulders. The only thing the provider will take care of is the physical server and its availability. Managed server is the best option if you are not knowledgeable about the things. 


Looking for a cheap but resourceful option for your site, vps hosting is the best option for you. Uptime guarantee, 20x speed, secured server, advanced technologies, distinct features and many more specs depending on the provider you choose. Make the resources your own and enjoy the business growth without the hindrance of neighbors on the same server.