Sabong International is a voluntary association representing all cockfighting enthusiasts in the Philippines. It was established by a group of Filipino cockfighters who wanted to promote this activity as a sport and its benefits to the Philippine economy, culture, and society.

Online Sabong International is licensed and regulated by Pagcor, the Philippine government agency responsible for regulating casino games. When you register online with  sabong international and begin playing, they will reward players with generous bonuses who participate in real money games. The difference in gaming experience between playing with and without a bonus isn’t that different, but you’ll have more opportunities to win more money with a bonus.

Sabong International’s Best Promos and Rebates

Sabong International is giving away a lot of prizes for signing up, including bonuses and rebates. These limited-time offers will provide you with the thrills and excitement that go along with sabong international’s games!

The First Deposit Bonus

This bonus is given to you based on the amount of the first deposit you make. If you deposit 100 Php, 38 Bonus Credits will automatically be added to your account. However, please note that we must first confirm with our customer service department whether or not you are eligible for the bonus before any money is credited to your account.

See the chart below to determine how much money you’ll get when making your first deposit.

The Turnover bonus

If you get the first deposit bonus, you will also receive free turns in your account. The first deposit plus bonus is multiplied ten times as standard practice when an initial incentive or reward is offered to recruit new customers or clients for a business’s services that are not otherwise available for purchase by individuals.

Sabong international’s new players are eligible for this promotion, but only one claim per player is allowed. For a player to withdraw, that player must have enough in their account to cover the entire amount of turnover. Only one player is allowed per account. When sabong international discovers that a player has created numerous accounts, it can cancel the account and put any money on permanent freeze. All interpretations of promotions are at the discretion of sabong international management.

Sabong International’s turnover is computed as follows:

Bonus turnover = (₱100 + ₱38) x 10 = ₱1380

Deposit turnover = ₱100 x 1 = ₱100

TOTAL TURNOVER = ₱1380+ ₱100 = ₱1480

Sabong International Referral Bonus

This referral program allows you to earn extra cash by referring your friends to play online at sabong international. You can refer a friend to this live online sabong and receive a bonus. When your referred friend makes his first deposit, you’ll earn 20% of that amount. If they play eight times more than the amount of their initial deposit within three months from the registration date, this is turnover, then you and your friends will receive extra bonuses!

Everyone who registers to play is eligible for this promotion. To take advantage of it, you must make at least one deposit. Your friend’s first investment must be at least 100 PHP to receive the referral. The player can only withdraw their bonus winnings once the turnover requirement is met. The sabong international game website supports only one registered account per player. If they discover that a player has created numerous accounts, they will cancel the extra ones and freeze any money in them permanently. All decisions about promotions are made by sabong international management.

See the chart below for a list of different activities.

Be Sabong International VIP Member

For Sabong International players who love to be rewarded for their loyalty, the VIP bonus is your chance to score extra chips and prizes.VIPs have more access to bonuses and rebates than regular players. Rebates can be up to 0.5%, but the size of each bonus depends on how long you play. You can keep your VIP status by recharging and betting a certain amount each month. See the table below for details on how much you have to recharge or bet to maintain each level:


We hope that you have a good time playing Sabong International. The  Legit E-Sabong Platform made a concerted effort to make its bonus offer available to as many people as possible. Once you register, you can take advantage of this promotion.Register for FREE, and take advantage of all the great offers that Sabong International Me has to offer!


Why am I unable to receive a bonus?

  • Bonuses are not automatically credited to your account. You must contact customer service, who will determine if you qualify and then transfer any bonuses that should be yours.

If I have problems applying for bonuses, what should I do?

  • The best way to deal with an error or problem is to contact customer service and get confirmation of the steps that should be taken.

How do you play sabong online?

For more information about online sabong, you should speak to someone who is familiar with the subject like Sabong International, visit