The PUBG Mobile game is awesome, but the developers are not keen on fixing all the issues encountered by players. Now, the developers are attempting to monetize the once-fantastic game. Many of the Game’s bugs have been present for several months, so they are concerned with fixing them. Such situations require the player to find a solution. It would be wise to look into the game’s excessively heavy files as well. Try playing some story-driven games such as GTA-5 and avoid only playing shooter games. Also, if you are searching for a pubg emulator to play pubg from mobile to pc, kindly check this article on this topic: best emulator for pubg mobile.

#1 Garena Free Fire

Millions of people have already downloaded GARENA FREE FIRE. As far as many of the aspects we can compare Free fire to PUBG mobile, including landing on the battlefield, looting, and killing other players, it is very similar. There are, however, different styles of play, characters, and other aspects of the games. Games consist of three main components:

  1. The characters you would have access to as you play the game would be digital humans with different abilities that you can use to your advantage.
  2. Any shooter game will be incomplete without weapons since there is no shooting if you do not have the weapon. In addition, the Free Fire game features an assortment of weapons that can be chosen from and mastered. 

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#2 Call of Duty Mobile

Activision has released a new mobile version of the Call of Duty series following the huge success of the console game. According to reviewers, this Game will give stiff competition to PUBG MOBILE and FORTNITE. Despite its newness, the game has already penetrated PUBG MOBILE’s market and allows users to customize the controls to their liking. You can play it in 3 modes and 4 maps, which will keep you entertained for a while. Battle Royale is good, but multiplayer is best.

#3 Cyber Hunter

In a game similar to both Pubg and Fortnite, Cyber Hunter is tried to be both. As you rush towards the ground, you’ll fall out of your ship onto a map, selecting where you want to land. The cyberpunk sci-fi aesthetics feel like a breath of fresh air in the genre, even if its colorful nature does remind us of Fortnite a lot. Cyber Hunter has overall been quite pleasing to us. Although there are many games of this genre incorporated in the game, its blend of them all makes it so amazing.

#4 Fortnite Mobile

The performance of PUBG’s mobile version isn’t well known, even though this competitor is well known on other platforms. The Game is unfortunately not for everyone. The game can only be played on the most advanced smartphones. Only a select few can access it due to the hardware requirements. Although we may dislike the quality of the game, let’s look at the details of the technical requirements it requires and the features it offers since its performance and graphics don’t differ much from those provided by PUBG MOBILE.

“#Rules Of Surviving”

Games like Rules of Survival (RoS) are freely downloadable multiplayer battle royale games developed and published by NetEase Games. The beta version of the application was released in November 2017. The game’s official website reports that 230 million players have played it worldwide as of October 2018. Two hundred thirty million players play this game, which means it has something unique to offer. It is a good alternative that offers excellent performance. Players are getting what they expect from it.


No specific game can be recommended, but we strongly recommend GARENA FREE FIRE, but ultimately the decision is yours. Our job was to discuss the best alternative to PUBG MOBILE, but it’s up to you which app you prefer.


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