The two of the most problematic sexual disorders in men that can ruin their sexual bliss and romanticism out of their marriage life are premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. 

Out of these two today, we are going to speak on the premature ejaculation problem. 

So what is the premature ejaculation problem all about?

In short, the premature ejaculation definition is contained within the two words themselves. As you know, premature means early and ejaculation means your semen ejaculation while having sex. 

So in men suffering from premature ejaculation, the problem is that they are not able to hold on to the urge to ejaculate for much longer. They ejaculate within minutes of penetration and this reduces the ability to have sex for a longer duration. 

It also prevents them from reaching a highly climaxing orgasm to obtain sexual satisfaction.

This problem is slightly different from ED or erectile dysfunction where you don’t get erections. this means that for curing both sets of disorders you have got different generic substances like generic Dapoxetine for curing premature ejaculation and Fildena  100 generic Sildenafil for curing ED. 

Is it true that both disorders can happen simultaneously?

While both the disorders are having their definitions and don’t have anything common in-between them at all sometimes the two disorders can affect a person. 

During such times both sets of disorders can be experienced. This means that you don’t have erections or your erections are softer while you are also not able to hold on much longer.  Take a look at xinghaoya

Remember that alone Fildena is not enough to cure this condition. 

It is better to visit the doctor and take pills. 

Of course, nowadays there are combined pills that allow you to take just one pill instead of two and cure the problem. 

These pills have the right combination of Sildenafil Cenforce Powpills and Dapoxetine or Fluoxetine. 

Is there any premature ejaculation pill that is the best?

So are there are any premature ejaculation pill that works the best? Is there any pill that will surely help you to have more control over your ejaculation?

Unfortunately, the problem is that there is no one specific generic substance or brand that can cure your premature ejaculatory problem. 

This is because different persons are having various intensities of problems first of all. you have to get examined on what is the intensity or severity level of premature ejaculation in your body. 

The second thing is that you can be allergic to one substance. See within the premature ejaculation curing category of pills you find different pills with different generic substances. 

This can be Dapoxetine, Fluoxetine, paroxetine, Sertraline, etc. 

All this belongs to a specific family of pills using which you can cure your disorder. 

A visit to a doctor is mandatory during such circumstances to know which among the generic substances as mentioned above can help you cure the problem faster and without any side effects. 

The third thing is to identify the dose. 

See whatever the brand name of the medicines you choose there is one more thing to be identified. And this is to find out the right dose. 

Just like there are many does of Vidalista 20mg for curing ED there are many doses of each generic substance like Dapoxetine in the market too. 

Thus you need to identify which the right dose of say Fluoxetine is. Again this will depend on the severity of premature ejaculation that you are suffering from, your age, your tolerance levels that means up to what amounts of generic Fluoxetine are the best, and your frequency of intake, all is going to count in when you are taking in generic premature ejaculation pills. 

How can I find out which premature ejaculation pill works the best for me?

It is best advisable that just like an ED curing pill such as Fildena you take a premature ejaculation curing pill only after visiting and having a consultation with the doctor. 

This will help you to determine the brand, the dose, and the frequency of intake all of which have a major say. You need to understand that all these are complex factors that depend a lot on the best advice of a doctor. 

After all, the main problem that you want to remain at bay from is the overdosing and side effect problem. 

You don’t want an excess of let’s say Dapoxetine and suffer from side effects right?

Neither do you want any drug to have severe contradictions with generic Fluoxetine?

How long will the best premature ejaculation pill work for?

Again this will most likely depend on the brand and the dosage levels. You see that based on the brand you are taking they will have a generic substance in them that has varying actionable times. 

Even within the same brand, different doses may have different lasting times. Thus you need to be very precautious while taking in the meds. 

How does a premature ejaculatory pill work?

Just like there is a family of ED pills that contain various generic substances like Sildenafil Cenforce 200 wholesale at  Powpills, Tadalafil Vidalista, etc. there is a family of premature ejaculatory pills that act as SSRI or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor that you need to keep in mind. 

When you take a pill such as a Dapoxetine brand, it generally prevents and prohibits the action of the reuptake of certain serotonin hormones in the brain. 

This means that after the generic substance like Dapoxetine has become activated this will enable you to have more serotonin levels in your brain cells. 

Are there no side effects of premature ejaculation pills?

Of course, there are side effects of using premature ejaculation pills. Some of the side effects are pretty much similar to the ED pills like Vidalista

These are-







Some other uncommon side effects are-

Sleep problems

Difficulty in gaining erections

Digestion problems

What set of precautions to follow while taking premature ejaculation pills?

One must be aware to note down the list of precautions during the doctor visit. The doctor will indeed mention to you all the specific precautions to undertake during this term. 

This may include avoiding several items that you take as a part of your lifestyle such as alcohol and drugs along with a few other medicinal substances.