Dubai is the 4th most visited city in the world. It is famous for its modern styles of architectural works and wonderful collection of hotels and resorts. Dubai city is also famous for its sightseeing fascinations like Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the world) and shopping malls.

Dubai is a city of class and style. Many people around the globe visit this city throughout the year. It transformed itself from a desert occupation into a city of high rises and shopping malls where tourists cram for shopping, tourism, and family fun. It has many cultural highlights and historical places. Every attraction in Dubai is created with extreme precision keeping in mind the dormant of its unique explorers.

It is also a highly preferred location for a holiday destination. Dubai has a lot of places to visit for the kind of pleasure and cheerfulness such as Burj Khalifa, Bollywood park, Wild Wadi water park, Dubai mall, Dubai Aquarium, an underwater zoo, and many more. By visiting all such places you can discover the city of Dubai more easily. It takes your holiday experience to another level.

Top 5 best places in Dubai

Here are some of the best tourist places in Dubai that you can visit during your tour. Also, Rent A Car Dubai in Dubaiso that you can move around at your own pace.

1- Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab was established in 1999. It is one of the premium hotels of Dubai that is located on a man-made island off Jumeirah Road. It is a world-class hotel that will make you feel like royalty. Burj Al Arab is a 56-floor building that is open all around the year. It is designed in the shape of a sail of a dhow, standing tall at a height of 180 meters. It has several ranges of rooms from which you can choose and have to stay there. You can also explore bars and restaurants in this luxurious and world-famous hotel. Some of the places like Wadiwadi water park, Souk Madinat, Jumeirah, and Ski Dubai that you can visit around Burj Al Arab.

2- Global Village

It is located at Sheikh Mohammed BIn Zayed Road. It is claimed to be the world’s most famous and significant entertainment project of the United Arab Emirates. This 19th edition of the village can host more than 12,000 shows in five months. This place receives more than 5 million visitors per year over an area of 17,200,000 sq ft. it is the first cultural, entertainment, and shopping destination of the family in the region. It is open from mid of November to late February. The events are organized here during the winter season and are part of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

3-  Jumeirah Beach

The sun-kissed beaches of Dubai are famous all over the world. They attract tourists from the globe because of the spectacular view of the Persian Gulf. Jumeirah beach stretched along the coast is famous for its white sand. You can enjoy an amazing view of the seven-star Burj Al Arab from the beach, which is one of the most famous places in Dubai to visit. There is also a facility for water sports like kitesurfing, skiing, and many more. It is an ideal place for family picnics and afternoon and evening gateways. But the perfect time to visit the beach is sunset time. It is an incredible view to watch the sand particles turning into the deep shade of gold.

4- Dubai Museum

This museum was built in 1787, and it is one of the oldest buildings in the UAE. there number of galleries and fort which represents the rich culture of the land. The most important part of the Dubai museum is the Al Faidi fort. As it was the rich historical past of the culture of Dubai filled with Asian and African artifacts. It was renovated in 1995, and now it has beautiful architectural houses and many important historical events. It displays the historical culture and custom of life before oil was discovered in the emirates. One of its rooms is full of old maps of Dubai. It has a model mosque and also depictions of typical desert life.

5- Dreamland Aqua Park

If you are visiting Dubai in the summer season and heat is not your thing, then you should stay in the waters at the Dreamland aqua park. Blackhole is one of the famous slides which takes one through a black tube that is lit with beautiful colorful bulbs until you jump in the water. It is the ideal location if you are on vacation with your family as your kids can enjoy Kamikaze, Twisting Dragons, Slide Five and Mighty go around, etc. Also, the pool game of this park is worth mentioning.


Some of the famous and most visited tourist places of Dubai are given above. You can visit these and many others to make your holidays exciting and wonderful. Dubai has a lot of places to visit and enjoy. Just contact any professional

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