There are thousands of places to vacation, including everything from the beach to the mountains. Some vacation destinations, such as the mountains, are for the people who love to be active. Other locations, like the beach, are for those who want to relax. For vacationers who want to experience unique architecture, there are plenty of vacation destinations that will inspire and delight. Keep reading for the best places to vacation to get unique architecture ideas.

Star Tower at Studio City Macau

Those interested in a real sight should check out vacation rental listings at the Start Tower. A Ferris wheel goes around a figure eight situated between two towers. This ride is the first of its kind in the world. The architect designed it to look like a meteor crashed through the middle of two art deco buildings. The symbol 8 symbolizes good luck and good fortune in China. 

Grand Lisboa Hotel, Macau

The Grand Lisboa Hotel is an 853-foot-tall building shaped like a lotus flower that looks like it came up from a golden egg. The lotus is a symbol of the city’s heritage and is on the official flag. At night, the building is breathtaking, covered in blinking lights.

Shangri-La Hotel, London

Western Europe’s tallest building, the Shangri-La Hotel is 1,016 feet tall. It has a cone-shaped exterior lined with 11,000 glass panels. Floors 34 to 52 contain rooms with amazing floor-to-ceiling window views. The 52nd floor also is home to the GONG bar and the infinity pool. 

MGM Macau and MGM Cotai

The MGM Macau and the MGM Cotai are located in different areas of Macau. They both have metallic facades. MGM Macau is 505 feet tall with layers of gold, silver, and bronze. These layers are supposed to imitate the movement and waves in the South China Sea. The MGM Cotai has the same colors, but it uses seemingly oversized jewelry boxes stacked on top of each other. The MGM Cotai contains the largest grid-shell glass roof, Macau’s first architectural entry in the Guinness World Records.

The Tokyo Station Hotel

Historically placed on top of a brick train station, this landmark is an important cultural property of Japan. The Tokyo Station Hotel is 105 years old and offers interior rooms overlooking Tokyo Station. During rush hour, vacationers can watch commuters coming in and out of the train station.

Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou

This 103-story building is one of the world’s tallest buildings. The hotel uses the top third of the Guangzhou International Finance Center. The building has a triangular floor plan. When inside, if tourists look up in the 33-story glass-coated atrium, they can get dizzy easily. 

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Modern architects Oscar Niemeyer and Lina Bo Bardi have designed many of the buildings in this fascinating city. The Museum of Art of Sao Paulo is breathtaking, but it is the Hotel Unique, designed by Ruy Ohtake that is amazing. The Hotel Unique looks like a watermelon or a ship (depending on who you ask). The building curves like a big ship and has portholes. Lovers of unique architecture will want to book a night in this hotel. 

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaoen is nicknamed “the Blue Pearl” because of its blue-colored buildings. This town boasts ancient walkways and calming colors throughout the village. The bluish color is thought to help repel mosquitoes and keep homes cool in the summer.

Atlantis, Dubai

Atlantic, built on Palm Island in Dubai, is like a mythical city of Atlantis. This coral-colored resort contains two tall towers connected by a bridge. There is a giant spade-like keyhole in the middle that allows sightseers to see the beautiful blue water and sky beyond. The Atlantis boasts 1,548 rooms and includes the Royal Bridge Suite in both towers. There are also underwater suites, providing an architectural design unlike any other.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Architecturally speaking, New Orleans is unique. It houses more than 20 National Register historic districts. Most of the buildings in the city were built before World War II. Tourists feel like they are stepping back in time when walking through New Orleans. Creole cottages, Greek revival, and Queen Anne styles are used throughout the city. The French Quarter is one of the best places to go in New Orleans, but for a quieter visit, check out the Garden District to see old mansions with unique ironwork, some even made in soft pink. 

Miami, Florida

Miami Beach is best known for its Art Deco historic district. Over 800 buildings have been built in the first urban 20th-century style. They are symmetrical, pastel-colored beauties. Try starting with Senor Frog, a building designed in 1939 that used to be the gay bar, Warsaw Ballroom. The Colony Theatre is another fantastic architectural stop where moviegoers can watch a movie in 1935-era style.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Three towers, slanted at 26 degrees, make up the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Twenty-six is known to be a prosperous number in this region. Also on the Singapore skyline is the ArtScience Museum, with curved “fingers” where each contains a different gallery. The “fingertip” at the top of each allows light to pour into the towers.

Cartagena, Colombia

Situated beside the Caribbean Sea is the city of Cartagena, Colombia. The buildings here are created in the Spanish colonial architecture style, with many buildings covered in bougainvillea. They are energetic and brightly colored. The Tore del Reloj is a stunning clock tower at the entrance to the Old City. The Hotel Casas San Agustin is actually three Colonia-era houses, restored from the 17th century.

Chicago, Illinois

The Great Chicago Fire in 1871 destroyed nearly 17,500 buildings in Chicago. After this fire, city planners and famous architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan began creating a beautiful city and skyline. A river boat tour can give a great view of the city. The Study at the University of Chicago is a stunning hotel with amazing views of Lake Michigan and the city’s iconic skyline. 

Vacationers can travel the world searching out the best architectural cities and landmarks. These amazing, inspiring sites are endless.