In 2022, many ticket companies on the secondary market have taken up work with renewed vigor: the coronavirus crisis is over and there are very few people who want to get to the events again. Modern customers are very serious about choosing a sales site: no one wants to become a victim of fraudsters or pay a lot of money for a ticket. We will help you choose a service by providing a list of the 4 best ticket sales sites this year.


This service has been on the list of the best for many years. The main advantage of the service is that buyers do not pay fees. Many are attracted by this nuance.TickPick was formed in 2011, in recent years the service has experienced both successful times and crises, but the company’s management has managed to cope with any situations with dignity. In 2018, the service has become a platform for selling tickets to the Firefly Music Festival in Delaware and this fact played a big role in shaping the company’s image. You can read about exactly how the site works and what guarantees it provides on . Getting acquainted with the guarantees and working conditions is a prerequisite for successful cooperation with any ticket resale site.


 The service has been on the list of leaders for several years. This is what helps the company to remain relevant for customers of different ages and with different preferences. During this time, the service has managed to develop an excellent base of regular customers and establish itself as a reliable partner. The site will provide a huge selection of tickets in different directions, such as music, sports, theater. Also, new customers are attracted by the good work of the delivery service, a minimal number of failures. Of course, the service also has weaknesses. For example, ticket prices and fees seem high to many customers. More details about the site can be found in sources such as where you can also get acquainted with the scheme of using the site.


 This ticket-selling website has proven itself mainly among middle-generation users. This is evidenced by the research of analysts. This site is very popular not only in America but also abroad. The company was founded in 2001. For many years, the service has been among the best and despite strong competition, the company manages to remain at a high level. Verifying the authenticity of tickets is very important for the company and this is a great advantage from the point of view of customers. It is known that sellers and tickets are carefully checked thanks to spiral algorithms, but in case of a malfunction, the service is guaranteed to compensate you for the damage. On the

You can read about guarantees and their compliance in more detail. We emphasize that the activity of the site is completely legal.


This ticket website is back to popular, and undoubtedly is among the top in it industry. After the crisis of 2019, the service managed to regain its position and return to customers with renewed vigor. In 2022, the service promises an even wider range of tickets and system improvements. The site is not quite ordinary, it’s just universal. After all, the site allows users to perform many functions. For example, This is liked by many users who often turn to this service only because of its versatility. The service was founded in 2006, but started working abroad only recently. Note that the company is constantly expanding. For example, in 2018 that Eventbrite acquired the Spanish ticket service Ticketea. There are a lot of positive reviews on the site, but there are weak points in the operation of the service. You can read about them on the website, there is also get information about the guarantees provided by the service.