Pc screen recorders have been a major need of every gamer, YouTuber, and online tutorial master, and many more, for years and for a very good reason. It gets difficult to explain things as they happen without a visual aid to follow, and screen grabbing, although great, just doesn’t cut it anymore. 

But there has been a great advancement in the development of screen recorders, with many free screen recorders possessing great features, where you can capture everything happening on your screen, and more, available, without cost.

One of the best recorders would be mentioned here, the iTop Screen Recorder comes highly recommended.

The iTop Screen Recorder is a lightweight yet powerful pc software that has features that surpasses all others, even those that require that you pay before using it. The great news is that it’s free.

This free screen recorder can record audio from both your microphone and speaker into the video simultaneously, and it can also add webcam overlay to your video. 

And what’s more. Your audio and video format and size it totally yours to decide. You have all the control. So whether you’re making a software tutorial for your YouTube channel, recording a Let’s Play video, or capturing a video call, this software is the software for you.

What makes this screen recorder for PC unique is that even though the software processes lots of features, they are all integrated into a great user interface. It is a great app for beginners and sophisticated users alike.

Premium items in other screen recorders are given for free in this software. You can record an unlimited number of videos without a time limitation. Two hours, four hours, it’s yours to decide.

Unlike other software, the iTop Screen Recorder also allows you to choose any section of your screen you want to record. This free screen recorder removes the hassle of searching for other software online to crop out portions of your recording. It allows you to make the necessary settings before recording.

The iTop Screen Recorder has a lot of features apart from those stated already in this article. Listed below are a few of what was earlier stated and more for you to note.

• Free to use.

• Screen capture and video recording.

• More than 12 video formats to save.

• HD recording and unlimited recording time.

• Free from malware and other malicious documents.

• Including Facecam and voice capture.

• Has an easy-to-use interface.

• Record games and recordings in 4K resolution up to 60 fps without being lazy.

• The mouse symbol can be changed to make it more attractive for visitors to see.

• Highlight what needs to be noticed.

• You can add your hotkeys to make the recording start and stop just a piece of cake.

• Edit the video immediately when you finish the recording.

• Share your works as soon as you finish the recording or editing.

3-steps Guide to Capture Any Area of Your Screen Easily

Step 1: Free download from the official product page of iTop Screen Recorder. And install this screen recorder for PC on your windows system. The whole process will be completed smoothly with seconds.

Step 2: Launch the program. You can select the region in the easy-to-use UI to choose record the full screen or a specific any area of your screen. In addition, you can customize to choose whether to record the screen with audio, webcam, background music, mouse or not before recording. After then all you have to do is press the “REC” button, and voila! The record session starts.

2.Select Region

Step 3: After recording, you can automatically access to the recorded video in the “Video List Tab”. Then you can also trim the video to the length you like easily. Last, save and share the video to others!


This free screen recorder mentioned above is great software that allows for many features. iTop Screen Recorder gives you freedom to capture any area and any content of your screen in 4K UHD quality videos with no lag, no time limit and no watermark. Why don’t you have a try?