Welcoming a baby in the family sets up an environment of immense joy and excitement. Everything is already kept ready and prepared according to the baby’s needs. A baby sleeps around 16-17 hours a day. A night of good and peaceful sleep is the essential thing for them. Otherwise, they tend to get cranky and irritated. The parents have to ensure from their end that their baby gets a soothing sleep without any disturbance. To give them a sound sleep, it is recommended to buy the best quality mattress. There are many varieties available in the market, and people tend to get confused about which type of mattress is the best for their baby. Don’t worry. We are here to help & clear this dilemma. In this article, we will focus on the points to be considered while buying best mattress for babies in India but before we come on to that, let’s dive into the basics.

A baby sleeps more than 10 hours a day, so the infant’s mattress should be soft, comfortable, anti-allergic, highly breathable and moisture resistant. Let us understand in detail.

 Features of an ideal mattress for your baby

1. Certified anti-dust technology- Dust and mites tend to gather quickly on mattresses, this can cause skin infections and allergies to babies, extra care should be taken to keep them away from dust. So, look for a mattress with an anti-dust technology, which is certified by an authentic organization. 

2. Certified anti-bacterial and anti-fungus- A normal mattress becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus over a period of time. These can cause skin allergy, harmful infections, asthma to newborn. Hence, go for a mattress which has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. 

3. No harmful chemicals- The mattress should be made from a natural material that is baby-friendly & must be OEKO Tex certified which ensure that the mattress is harmful chemical-free and sustainable. 

4. Anti-allergy mattress cover- When you lie down the first thing which comes in contact with mattress is the skin. Therefore, if your mattress cover is not anti-allergic then newborn’s sensitive skin may develop rashes, allergy, dry skin or other skin issues. Also, it is not possible to wash the mattress covers daily, so to avoid this problem go for an anti-allergy mattress. 

5. Adequate Air circulation- Babies have more sweat glands than adults. Hence, they tend to sweat more therefore your mattress should have the ability to absorb the heat or sweat releases by body immediately without disturbing their sleep.

6. Durability- The mattress should be long-lasting, not subjected to too much damage and deterioration. The mattress shall have a guarantee of a minimum of 8 years.

7. Eco-friendly- The mattress should be organic and eco-friendly & should have a certification by the global organic textile standard (GOTS). A mattress made with natural products ensures that there are no chemicals used and is completely safe for the baby’s skin. 

Best mattresses for babies in India

1. Anti-bacterial memory foam mattresses – The memory foam mattresses are soft and come with advanced covers which can be dry cleaned on regular intervals. This mattress gives optimum support to the baby spine so that the baby can have proper uninterrupted sleep with zero motion transfer. The memory foam mattresses come with antibacterial technology, which prevents the bacteria and dust mite from growing on the mattress, provides protection to the baby from harmful infections. Magniflex is the only brand in India that sells certified anti-bacterial memory foam mattresses.

2. Hypoallergenic Mattresses– As the name says, these mattresses help in keeping allergies away. These mattresses specialize in anti-dust and anti-allergy technology. It keeps the harmful infections and dust mite away from the baby.

3. Spring Mattresses- These mattresses consist of two constituents: The inner layer is of springs, and the other thing filled in these mattresses is foam generally made up of cotton. As the spring emit electromagnetic radiations hence it is not good for babies’ health.

These are the best type of mattresses that you can go for, which will ensure that your little one sleeps with peace. According to us, memory foam mattresses will be the ideal choice because they fulfill all the criteria which should be there in a baby’s mattress. Rest is on you, and we know you will choose the best thing for your little blessing. See you next time!