There are a lot of things you can find on TikTok nowadays and one of the big recent trends is TikTok leggings and scrunch bum shorts. These are great leggings for making your butt look great thanks to the scrunch design. They work on a variety of body types and for everyday use make a lot of women look and feel great. While some find they are also good for certain workouts here is a closer look at what to look for in any type of legging or shorts when you want to do a lot of strength training and squats without any issues.

What to look for in strength training leggings

Whether you are looking at the TikTok leggings or other types here is what to look for in leggings that will not move around on you, fall down, or ride up.

Wide waistbands – This feature on your leggings should fit comfortably across your tummy while helping the leggings stay put as you move around. There is no rolling waistband and problems with the waist folding over when you bend and squat or lift. That wideband also stops the leggings from sliding down. Everything stays where it is meant to be so you can focus on your form, your workout and setting new personal bests! You can get wide-waisted leggings in a range of lengths just choose what feels better for you.  

Compression – The process of strength training means that muscle fibres are torn and additional muscle grows during adequate recovery times. But wearing compression leggings is a great way to speed up your recovery process to see more productive workouts.  

What to look for in running leggings

When you are looking for suitable running attire it is up to you whether you look at scrunch bum shorts or leggings. It depends on where you are running and what kind of running you do. Some things to consider in running attire are;

Pockets – When you are out running you are unlikely going to want to carry your purse or handbag, so having pockets is a good place to have your phone where you can listen to motivating music and make a call if you need to, and to keep your keys to get back into the house. 

Drawstring waist – Not all runners chose this option but some like a combination of a drawstring and a light elasticated waist so they can adjust it and make it looser when they need to.       

Good visibility –  If you run very early in the morning or in the evening then you need to think about your visibility when it comes to other runners, cyclists and traffic. Reflective panels are a good option on your leggings to keep yourself safe.

Keeping warm – Running outside means you will have to run when the temperatures drop and possibly in the rain and the snow too. This means adapting your leggings to the temperature have cooler and shorter options in the summer, and warmer longer options when it is cooler.