The Anime cinema genre is gaining traction globally, with many Anime titles featuring in blockbuster films.  The genre has great characters love stories and gives a unique reality. Anime’s popularity has led to the creation of apps that are available on Kodi.  The masterani Redux is an invention of Wilson magic. Combining the two anime addons (masterani and anime incursion) has dramatically impacted the anime world, where many users are installingthe addons on their Kodi device.

Kodi device is an open-source media player which is compatible with almost all devices. To function, Kodi requires the user to install addons to get media. Addons act as the channel or media content where some contain anime, movies, music, TV shows, and more. However, technology has also introduced Kodi builds. This is software that includes a library of addons; they provide unique sinks or interface to Kodi. One can install Kodi builds such as xanax build to experience several contents. Addons only present one type of content, while build has a library of several addons.

To access anime addons, we have created a list of the best Kodi anime addons for you to try.  However, ensure to have a good VPN to avoid surveillance, throttling, or shutdown of your accounts.  The government and ISP are always vigilant to apprehend anyone tampering with copyrighted materials. The internet has both premium and free VPN services based on user’s needs.

Best Kodi Anime Addons 2021

Al the listed Kodi Anime addons are working. There are free and paid addons though affordable.  Ensure to have a VPN to avoid legal problems. Many Kodi addons, including the anime addons, have faced the shutdown due to legal issues. The user is advised not to interfere with piracy policies and stay safe.

  1. Ares Anime

Ares anime is a top anime selection and widely used. The addon has a history of sticking around for a long compared to other anime addons. Ares anime addon developers provide users with a variety of online content, such as Ares wizard.  The addon is genuine, and there is no doubt it will stick longer. Ares anime is available on Kodi repo. The Kodi link was shut sometime back, but the user can use the Androidaba file source to install the Ares anime addon.

  • WatchNixtoons

WatchNixtoons is also the best anime addon for Kodi. The addon contains both old and new releases giving the user a variety to choose from. The best part about WatchNixtoons is the user interface.It’s simply easy to use, even for new streamers.  One can select from a list of 50 releases, dubbed anime, cartoons, and movies.  The addon has unlimited content and is available on Kodi repo or download using the Androidaba file source.

  • Masterani redux anime addon

Masterani addon ranks at the top as many anime streamers globally love it. The addon developer must merge Masterani with the anime incursion addon to produce the best anime addon for Kodi. It’s a third-party addon meaning it’s not officially installed on Kodi. One can install it from the Kodi repository or Androidaba source. Note the addon developers don’t have any content of their own but use scrapes links from other channels. The Masterani Redux is available on the Magicality repo, which is contained on GitHub.

  • Exodus Redux

Though Exodus Redux is not a Kodi anime addon but contains some anime gems, you must look at the right places to get the anime.The Exodus Redux created the Exodus addon, which was a movie and TV series addon.  Though shut down, the new Exodus Redux will provide interesting anime such as Akira, Howl’s moving castle, etc.  The application process requires the user to change some settings before starting the addon. It would be best if you disabled the trailers and Lamda scrapers to continue using the addon.

The internet contains many working anime add-ons such as Anime on Demand, Funimation, Brettus Anime, and more. The majority require a subscription to function is also affordable for many users.