To get the most preferred gas fires at your place, the first and foremost thing that is to be noted is the efficiency of the gas fires that how effectively they provide heat to make a perfect cozy ambience. When you decide to buy a new gas fire, complete your research regarding the heat efficiency for the type of the fire you choose. What actually means by heat efficiency is that how much heat is generated vs how much is wasted in the room. With an efficient gas fire, more heat goes into the room by making it warmer. Here are some efficient gas fires that you can select as per your requirement.

Flueless Gas Fires

A flueless gas fire is the top priority of customers when it comes to high efficiency gas fires without a chimney. These fires don’t use any external flue. There is a catalytic converter in these fires that avoids the emission of hazardous gases into your room. Out of efficient aspects of flueless gas fires, an important one is their self-monitoring system that is convenient in measuring the quality of the air. Furthermore, this fire switches itself off if there is any drop in the quality of the air, indicating the fault in the catalytic converter of the fire. Despite having lower heating rating as compared to other fires, these flueless gas fires are 100% efficient for the heat that goes into your room for making a perfect warm ambience. One important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that such fires need big rooms or large area in which there is sufficient air for burning process.

Balanced Flue High Efficiency Gas Fire

A convenient solution for places without a chimney is a balanced flue high efficiency gas fire. This fire works with its own flue system. It goes out via an external wall, making it easy to filter away the harmful gases. Drawing in the cold air from the room is the quality of these fires just like many other fires. But what makes them efficient than other is their processing of pulling the air from outside that increases the flow of the air in gas fire. This heat within the fire is extracted though a canopy that is placed at the top. Availability of fuel bed for providing radiant heat makes them highly efficient. There are different types of these fires such as inset, outset or hole in the wall styles that you can choose according to your place.

Open Front Gas fires

For adding the aesthetic pleasure into your room along with high efficiency gas fires qualities, open fronted gas fires are a beautiful choice of most of the homeowners. These firs give heat through the warm air that is pulled below the fire. It is then heated through a heat exchanger. After that, it is expelled out of the canopy that is on the top. It also extracts the fuel bed’s radiant heat.

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