User experience matters the most when you are considering the success of an application. As a developer, you would choose simplicity to offer a seamless performance of the application. Moreover, no matter how complex the site is, you cannot let the customer feel the complexity while operating the website. It is a foundational strategy for all business owners. 

Take any established brand, for instance, and check out their website and note how agile their performance is. If you want that quality, then you must have a clear idea of front-end javaScript frameworks. With the increasing demand of the users and the potential market, there is a constant flux in terms of usability. 

There are many clients who are nearly struggling to Hire Front-end Developers India for the best quality website. Front-end frameworks are the pioneer blocks of any software development phase. However, there are many frameworks, which would not be compatible with your project. If it comes to building a visually appealing application with a premium user experience, you should choose the best one.

To help you out toHire Dedicated Front End Programmers, we have curated a list of frameworks that goes pretty well with front-end architecture.

Let’s find out! 

Latest Front-end Technology 2021

In terms of performance, there is no competitor of Angular and React; that is the reason they are high in demand. On the other hand, jQuery is also in high-demand. Whereas, Emberjs and Svelte have a different scenario. Svelte is a famous framework; and still in the framework’s trends. However, developer communities presently have started showing interest. On the other hand, Emberjs is more capable; it has a conventional approach to the learning curve. 

Take a closer look at the frameworks and enrich your knowledge with their features and quality: 


It is one of the simplest frameworks and was developed by Facebook to settle code maintainability issues. It is an open-source framework and stands out in the developed community for having the Document Object Model. It also offers exceptional functionality. If you are anticipating high traffic, it is an ideal framework and needs a stable platform for handling it.


  • The reusability of components makes it easy to collaborate and reuse.
  • Consistent and seamless performance
  • Offers the best alternative writing components in React hooks
  • React dev tools are very effective and advanced


  • For multiple and constant updates, it is often difficult to build proper documentation.
  • Developers find it hard to understand the components of JSX.
  • It only provides a front-end solution.

If you are building a user-interface and a single-page application, React would be the best choice for you. On the other hand, it is the most robust front-end framework for interacting with less time. However, if you are not efficient in javascript, it is not a recommended option.


Without Angular, the list would be incomplete. It is the only framework based on TypeScript. It was officially launched in 2016 by Google to bridge the gap between traditional technology and its outcome. Angular offers two-way data binding features with real-time synchronization between the model and view.

If the project includes both mobile and web components, angular is the best choice. You can also use this framework to create multi-page as well as a progressive web application. Companies like Blender, Forbes, and others deploy their application on angular.


  • Easy to learn apt choice for beginners.
  • In-built functions for updating the changes
  • Reduces the amount of code
  • Decouples the components from dependencies
  • Components are reusable and easy to manage.
  • Vast community support


  • As Angular is a dynamic solution, there are various ways to perform tasks.
  • Dynamic apps do not perform well because of the complex structure.  

Angular augments the performance of browser-based applications and dynamic web applications. Angular is the ultimate solution as a front-end framework.  


Though it was quite a conventional front-end framework, it is still relevant even in today’s competitive market. jQuery does not only offer simplicity; it also minimizes the need to write extensive JavaScript codes.

Thanks to its industry experience, which has developed a huge community solution. Developers use jQuery to manipulate CSS and DOM and optimize the functionality and interactivity of the websites. This framework enables developers to develop native mobile applications with an HTML5-based UI system. This framework is user-friendly and supports the browsers to use flexibly.


  • DOM is flexible to add or remove the elements
  • Sends simplified HTTP requests
  • Facilitates to build dynamic content


  • Comparatively slow, in terms of capability
  • Advanced alternatives are available
  • The APIs of the document object model

jQuery is used to build desktop-based applications. It is not possible to use jQuery, as it makes the application heavy and puts a lot of extra JavaScript code.

If your project is based on handling events, it would be best to choose jQuery.


In 2011, Emberjs is a component-based framework and offered two-way data and binding similar to Angular. It is designed to handle the increased demands of modern-day technologies seamlessly. However, Ember’s learning curve is one of the few shortcomings. As it is relatively new and under-explored, the developers’ community is quite small.


  • Well-organized
  • Two-way data binding
  • Proper documentation
  • Agile framework


  • A small community, and less popular
  • Complex syntax and slow update
  • Hard learning curve

If you are looking for a modern application with a rich user-interface, Emberjs is the framework with significant technical front-end facilitation. This framework is considered a complete front-end solution for heavy projects as it provides a ready configuration.

Other significant frameworks of 2021 are:

  • Semantic-UI
  • Foundation
  • Backbonejs
  • Vuejs
  • Svelte


Since there are plenty of frameworks to choose from for an ideal front-end software development, you may end up being indecisive. With a Front-end Development Company, find out your perfect match and evaluate the pros and cons more effectively.