Festivals are a perfect time to surprise your family and friends with customized wishes!

But when you try to find a good festive greeting on Google or Bing, the results will mostly be repetitive and underwhelming. You would be forced to settle for a generic image/video wish template.

However, all this is going to change this year!

I have found the Festive Video Maker in the AppStore today!

An app that will help you create your wishes videos in under 10 seconds

Even if you have no prior experience in video making, you will be comfortable from the word go!

It’s that easy! It’s called the “Animaker Video Maker & Editor”It’s available exclusively for iPhone users on the Appstore.

About the App

The Animaker App for iOS Devices is a recent release from Animaker Inc. It is one of the leading online video making platforms in the market today, with 16 million+ users.

The application aims to empower users around the world with powerful video making tools and assist them in creating all types of videos quickly.

In fact, the app’s interface has been designed to assist even inexperienced users in creating videos with ease. It is quite straightforward to understand and use!

All you have to do is just Tap, Swap & Create!

It’s that simple! Just 3 easy steps!

Step 1 – Select the templates you would like to customize.

Step 2 – Swap & change the content (text, images, or videos).

Step 3 – And create amazing Festive Wishes.

Pretty easy, right

But it doesn’t end there. The app also provides the user with a collection of professional video making features to power all users with “Advanced Edit” features

Some of these features are

  • 100,000,000+ in Stock Images & Videos
  • 70k+ Props & Characters.
  • 30k+ High-Quality Music Tracks.
  • High-caliber Special Effects and Animations.
  • Engaging Smart Move Animations.

Amazing right

The best pick of the app features that swept me away is that you can download videos without any annoying watermark!

You also have access to limitless downloads. So you won’t need to worry about download restrictions even if you need to re-edit your video!

So to conclude, The Animaker Video Maker & Editor is a powerful Video Maker that will surely solve your video-making needs.

It is the best Festive Video Maker available on the Appstore today. I heartily endorse it.
Try it yourself! Download the Animaker App Now!