The best detangling hairbrush for 4c hair 

The process of washing, deep conditioning, detangling, and styling natural hair takes up a significant amount of time, which is why it is called wash day. 

Detangling is possibly the most dreaded part of wash day for many women with 4c hair types because curly and coily strands get tangled with each other that leave you with knots of various sizes. 

The knots become so intense that they might even seem like dreadlocks. However, there is an alternative before you grab your scissors- it is called the detangling brush.

There are various detangling brushes, but the following are the best and the strongest detangling brushes for your natural hair that won’t cause a lot of discomfort or hair loss. 

The brushes have proven to work on naturally curly and kinky curly tresses. They feature bristles that are flexible and thick enough to comb through the hair. So, here are the best detangling brushes for natural 4c hair

  1. Thick And Curly Salsa Red Detangling Hair Brush

Thick and curly Salsa Red Detangling Brush 

Tangle Teezers are popular for their brushes that make detangling an easy task, and this Thick And Curly Salsa Red Detangling Hair Brush is made especially for thick and curly hair. 

Longer bristles in this brush make it easier to reach the roots of kinky strands.

It’s perfect for collecting wet curls in the shower because of the layered bristles that ensure no strand goes unnoticed.

  1. Bestool Detangling Brush 

Budget-friendly detangling hairbrush 

This Bestool Detangling Brush has flexible comb arms, and the budget-friendly detangler is known for causing 80% less damage compared to other brushes. 

Depending on your needs, it may be used both horizontally and vertically, and the grip design helps reduce the strain on your arms and wrists. The speed with which this brush detangles tangled strand astounds users.

  1. Wet Brush Original Detangler 

The Wet Brush in three different sizes for 4c hair 

The Wet Brush Original Detangler is an inexpensive drugstore hairbrush with bristles that stretch and bend as it slides through the hair. It is great for hair with stubborn knots. 

It’s also designed to be used on wet strands, ideal for 4c hair that shouldn’t be detangled while it’s still damp. The result? Detangling is easier and less painful. 

Don’t forget to detangle from the ends and move upwards towards the roots. This will ensure you experience fewer tangles and prevent breakage. 

  1. Michel Mercier Wooden Handle Ultimate Detangling Brush
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Michel Mercier Wooden Handle Detangling brush 

All textures love this brush since it’s tough enough to get through tough tangles but delicate enough to prevent breaking and shedding. 

The distinctive geometric distribution of multiple bristles of varying heights and rounded tips are key to this revolutionary brush’s success.

Hundreds of bristles evenly distribute the force and pressure applied to the hair during brushing, allowing for rapid detangling with minimal breakage.

The rounded, robust bristles also massage the scalp, increase blood circulation, and strengthen and gloss the hair. The Wooden Handle Ultimate Detangling Brush slides through dense strands, according to users, and makes detangling a breeze. It distributes product evenly throughout the hair for greater curl definition, with over 428 bristles at 32 distinct heights.

  1. Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Detangler 

The ultimate detangler 

This ultimate tangle teezer is a perfect option for women with long natural 4c hair. Long hair requires more time to detangle; it puts strain on the arms and wrists. 

It is one of the most popular detangling brushes that provide plenty of TLC to 4c hair. You can use this brush after applying shampoo as it helps distribute products from the roots to the ends. 

The teeth are two-tiered, allowing them to glide through tangles and knots with minimum shedding. Users report reduced shedding and that the big paddle and comfortable grip make detangling easy and stress-free.

  1. Denman D3 Original Styler 

Denman D3 Original Styler 7-Row 

The Denman D3 Original Styler 7 Row is a great detangling brush that also helps in defining curls. 

7 rows of contoured round-ended nylon pins offer softer, denser, greater movement and define curls in damp hair. Smoothing, shaping, and polishing the hair has never been easier. The brush is made of smooth nylon pins and rubber cushions with anti-static properties that help remove knots and define the curls. 

The lightweight construction is durable enough to handle even the tightest coils, making it a go-to for tangle-free 4c hair. 

  1. Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush 

Winner of the best detangling hair brush for 4c hair

Flexi-bristles with a wide spacing slides smoothly through the hair without breaking or hurting the strands. This allows the brush to loosen knots softly and move with the hair without causing you any pain or discomfort. The brush’s broad handle is ideal for both novices and professionals, providing a pleasant, secure hold when using it.

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This detangling brush caters to kinky hair; it tame and smoothen the coils and cuts detangling time in half. Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush works great on 4c curly hair extensions and wigs because it detangles without breaking or damaging the hair. 

  1. Pattern Shower Brush 

Pattern Shower Brush

Pattern Shower Brush is heavyweight but extremely gentle natural hair; the brush works like a magic wand on curly and coily hair. 

It’s a good brush to have in the shower to gently rake through your hair while you condition because of the strong handle and hang hole. The rubber pad slides out, allowing you to clean the brush and remove build-ups thoroughly. 

  1. Pattern Hair Pick 

Pattern Hair Pick for detangling 4c hair types

Pattern Hair Pick is one of the best picks available for 4c hair. This option is perfect for adding volume to your curls. Its one-of-a-kind design stands out from the crowd because of its comfortable grip and extra-long prongs.

You might not have thought of pick as something you need for detangling, but it helps lift and shape the tight curly hair. It is also an amazing way to elongate your hair in the morning or after your wash-and-go. 

  1. Electric Remington Detangle Brush 

Electric Remington Detangle Brush

For someone with 4c hair, an electric detangler may seem overwhelming, but numerous reviews show that this styling product lives up to its reputation.

Detangling is a time-consuming task, and the electric Remington Detangle Brush helps reduce the time spent detangling. While brushing, the bristles of the brush rock back and forth, gently loosening knots and tangles from even the most stubborn hair.

The detangler is easy on the scalp; the soft bristles protect the scalp as you detangle your hair. 

  1. Tame And Condition Comb 

The best Tame And Condition brush for detangling 

We all need a decent comb in our collection, and this one tick all the criteria. Are you looking for a precise parting with a non-slip grip? The Tame and Condition Comb has a wide round tooth that glides effortlessly through curly and kinky hair with no breakage. 

Make your wash day fun and pain-free with the 11 best detangling brushes for 4c hair. All these brushes are amazing regardless of your curly hair’s length and achieve beautiful 4c hairstyles


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