Traditional school environments consisted of individual student desks, where students sat while a teacher stood at the front of the room and taught. Today, educators recognize that they must work harder to engage students in active learning, and this happens best by doing. More movement and collaboration in the classrooms are essential, so when purchasing new furniture, keep the following things in mind.


When considering furniture for classrooms, student safety is at the top of the list. Chairs shouldn’t tip over, furniture should be sturdy, and it should all be made from non-toxic materials. 

Because students come in all different shapes and sizes, choosing furniture that will suit a diverse population is important. Desks and chairs should come in adjustable heights and be sturdy enough to hold even large children. Also keep in mind that some students learn best when seated at a desk, or in a quiet area, while others thrive working in groups at a table. 


How much space is in the classroom? Be sure to assess the available space and choose furniture that can accommodate the space, and serve its purpose. Having too much furniture in a space can make a lot of classroom activities difficult, or even impossible. A crowded room can also be distracting and difficult to work in.


Teachers today don’t just lecture from the front of the classroom. One reading lesson may be in a circle on the floor, while the next math lesson involves working in groups at different stations in the room. Following that, a history lesson has the students in a large group acting out a battle. The furniture in a room must be mobile, and easy to move. This allows teachers to have the freedom and independence to create lessons and activities that will engage and challenge students activity tables

Some furniture can be multi-functional. For example, some chairs turn into tables when they are not needed. Desks can be raised or lowered for different events in the classroom. 


A budget is always an issue with a school remodel. While educators and administrators would like to have the nicest, best-looking, and functional furniture possible, a budget does constrain them. Choosing well-built furniture that is durable and long-lasting, but also budget-friendly is likely to be one of the biggest factors in choosing classroom furniture. Another thing to consider is choosing furniture that comes with a warranty.


A great design can improve your pupils’ concentration and improve their performances. Choose a style that can inspire your pupils to do their best in their classroom work. Bright colors that are pleasing to the eye can inspire children. Too much or too busy of a design can cause sensory overload for some students, so be careful to keep things simple and clean.

Fresh new furniture can spruce up an old school building, or add to a new remodel. It can also improve its functionality. Be sure to consider these factors to select the best furniture for the space.