Although Christmas only comes once a year it makes a huge impact. You can get involved with Christmas T-shirt designs by creating your own Place It design. Also, see these top T-shirt designs.

  • Make your own T-Shirt

Here’s a quick guide for those who don’t know how you can design your T-shirt.

  • Choose a Christmas T-Shirt design

Select Christmas T-shirt designs from the column of tags located to the left of the screen. Take a look at the available T-shirt designs and pick one that you like.

  • Start with the controls on the right

Click on the design that you like to open the T-shirt designer. Start at the right side of the T-shirt designer and add text or change the font and colour.

  • Move to the Controls on your Left

You can change the background to match the colour of your T-shirt using the controls to the left.

For more ideas or help if you are stuck, see the presets under each design.

  • Get your Christmas T-Shirt Design

This is how you can design your T-shirt online. You can now download your design, and send it to your T-shirt printer.

1. Christmas Tshirt Design Creator with Cute North Pole Sign

This Christmas T-shirt design is based on the notion that good children are rewarded with presents from Santa Claus, and naughty kids get nothing.

 You can customise it in a few simple steps. You can keep the text, or create your own.

 You can also change the fonts and colours. Next, choose the background colour and texture that you like, then add your graphic.

2. T-Shirt Designer with Christmas Cats

This T-shirt template is perfect for animal lovers. The template features a rodent showing its teeth while pretending to look like a cat, and it is wrapped in a Christmas wreath. 

Although the image is quite scary, it becomes very funny when you read the text in which the pretend cat invites viewers and friends to pet it.

3. Xmas Tshirt Design with Gorgeous Nutcracker Graphics

For those who prefer traditional T-shirt designs, this Christmas T-shirt design features a toy soldier representing The Nutcracker in a Christmas setting. 

You can swap out the toy soldier for many other figures such as Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas trees and other traditional Christmas icons.

4. Winter T-Shirt Design Maker

“Winter is coming” was one of Game of Thrones’ recurring warnings. If you choose to go with this text, “Christmas Is Coming”, your T-shirt design will have the slight ominous undertone that is associated with the series’ mantra. 

This could be your way to comment on the stress associated with Christmas.

5. Christmas Tshirt Design with Xmas Coal Graphics

The humorous T-shirt design template plays on the notion of nice and naughty.

This is a case where someone has been found to be naughty and has received a gift of coal. 

They decide to challenge Santa’s judgement by asking him how he defines naughty. 

This Christmas T-shirt is a great way to inject humour into the festivities.

6. Christmas Tshirt Design Template with Cute Frosty Santa

This template is a more gentle T-shirt design template than the one above. 

The text of this design offers a traditional Christmas wish: That it be a white Christmas. 

It invokes snow to fall. You can choose from a variety of Christmas-themed icons or wreaths.

7. Christmas T-Shirt Design Maker

This custom T-shirt design is a lovely variation of the idea of wishing for white Christmas.

 It features bold, eye-catching text and the snowflake graphic as its secondary focal point.

8. Christmas Tshirt Design Maker for Happy Holidays Shirt Design

This adorable T-shirt template features a variety of beautiful animals dressed in Christmas wear. You will find penguins in Santa’s hats and scarves, beagles in reindeer antlers and cats all wrapped in tinsel. 

There are also other T-shirt design options that you can use to experiment with different designs.

9. Christmas Tshirt Design Maker with Melted Snowman

This template, Sorry Santa, features a variety of images that show Christmas moments that went wrong and might displease Santa.

 You can take a look at them all, and choose the one that makes your heart laugh the most.

10. Xmas Tshirt Design Creator with Funny Reindeer

This template is a Christmas T-shirt design that will appeal to those who like funny T-shirts.

 It features a variety of humorous graphics that can be used to make your own T-shirt design.

 There are many clever presets you can either use as-is or to inspire you if you’re stuck.

Make Your Christmas T-Shirt Design Today

We hope that you have found plenty of T-shirt design inspirations. You are also excited to use the T-shirt designer to make your own T-shirt design. 

We would love to see your unique T-shirt design. Please share it with us below.

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