The speed of life in a city is tremendously fast-paced, with people from all walks of life seeking to achieve their professional and personal goals. Mumbai is no exception, and its fast pace is contagious once you’ve succumbed to it.

Away from the city’s fast-paced hustle and bustle, the camping locations in Mumbai provide the best respite from daily life. Camping in Mumbai can be a fantastic experience, as you will be sleeping under the stars and searching for your place in the world, as something tells you that here is your place.

Visit one of these locations today to experience peace and serenity. All you need is to find some good hotel booking deals and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Yeoor Hills

Yeoor Hills, also known as Thane’s hill station, is located within the well-known Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Mumbaikars enjoy visiting this location from time to time to get away from the rush and bustle of city life. You can spend quality time amid trees, learning about them, listening to birds, camping near Upvan Lake, enjoying a brief picnic, and hiking. You can also get to know flora and fauna of this national park while exploring the adjacent traditional villages throughout your stay.


Uttan, Mumbai’s best-kept secret, is a laid-back fisherman town on the city’s northern fringes. Despite being in the city, it feels like it is miles away from the concrete jungle.

Uttan is a great place to go camping for a weekend near Mumbai. Come here to live beneath the stars, eat the freshest seafood, watch live music, and partake in some adventure activities.


Are you tired of staring at spreadsheets all week? Instead, how about observing some birds this weekend? Karnala Bird Sanctuary is a must-see destination for any bird enthusiast with patience and a flair for locating species. Over 222 kinds of birds live in the refuge, including residents, breeding migrants, and passing migrants. If you look about with your binoculars, you’ll see Malabar parakeets, Malabar Grey Hornbills, Malabar Larks, pigeons of various sorts, and small sunbirds. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of some uncommon species, such as the Three-toed Kingfisher. In addition, the sanctuary is home to over 100 different species of butterflies.


Every Bollywood movie buff’s mind is inscribed with Badlapur, and visiting a campsite within the city limits of this famous town can give many people chills! Vishnubaaug is a campsite set in this location that attracts both children and adults due to the innovative activities and programs offered. It’s a fantastic site for jungle hikes, where you can see butterflies and a variety of birds. Another fun activity is an overnight trip across the hills, which offers a breathtaking perspective. Do you have a thing for bodies of water? The lovely Ulhasnagar River and the nearby waterfalls will keep you as fresh as a dewdrop!


Matheran, another excellent weekend retreat from Mumbai, is like a paradise for wildlife lovers. It is one of the most excellent spots to visit near Mumbai, with beautiful foliage, little hills, and a waterfall. Vehicles are not permitted to access the region, with the goal of preserving the natural diversity.

A toy railway used to run between Neral and Matheran. It was recently discontinued, but there is no other enjoyable way to get to Matheran if it is reinstated.