A call center is a group of employees that manage all telephonic contacts. In contrast, the contact center is the hub for all consumer conversations via phone, email, chat, or social media. All of this is possible with telecalling software in place.

You will have control over the phone systems with on-premises systems, but you will have to pay for hardware, including the work and cost of maintaining the system. Another disadvantage of this type of technology is that it limits business scalability for various locations. Cloud-hosted contact center software overcomes all of these constraints.

There will be no need for hardware with cloud-hosted call center software, and the price will depend on consumption. It provides advantages such as data security and availability (anytime, anywhere, anyplace).

Below, we have compiled the top 3 call center software in India to help you make an informed decision. 

1. RingCentral: Cloud-based Deployment


The RingCentral Contact Center Basic package includes conventional IVR and ACD functionality. Its Advanced and Ultimate plans include Advanced IVR and ACD capabilities. It is compatible with the Omnichannel contact center. It offers adaptable reports.

It has over 40 capabilities for routing, integration, administration, management, labor management and optimization, customer involvement, flexibility, safety, reliability, and security.


  1. It includes ACD, IVR, skill-based routing, Omnichannel routing, outbound dialing, outbound campaign management, chat & co-browse, and social media interactions for intelligent routing.
  2. It includes call recording, pre-built reports, quiet monitoring, barging, omnichannel analytics, supervisor tools, and other capabilities for administration and reporting.
  3. It includes capabilities like speech and text analytics, performance management, coaching and learning tools, screen recording, gasification, and more for workforce management and optimization.


RingCentral Contact Center includes permission-based access, encryption, and disaster recovery features. It also has collaboration, PBX integration, and a Shared directory. RingCentral guarantees a 99.99 percent uptime.

2. Aavaz: Cloud and on-premise deployment 


Aavaz is a market leader in contact center solutions India. Aavaz offers a suite of products and services to meet your calling and other customer touchpoints, with upgrade paths to meet your future needs. 

Aavaz’s strength is adaptability, which ranges from an on-premise solution to a completely distributed workforce, from a single agent to 1000’s calls per hour. There’s an Aavaz out there for you. 

Aavaz’s smart, tracked outbound campaigns for Marketing, Sales, Surveys, Collections, Polls, and more will provide you with the metrics you need to ensure outcomes. Thanks to Aavaz’s adaptable IVRs, queues, and queue monitoring, customers can reach you like never before. Track every incoming call and follow up with built-in tickets to ensure that no one goes unnoticed.


  1. Contact management that is integrated Dialing becomes faster and more accurate when operations are optimized.
  2. Execute efficient outbound/inbound campaigns
  3. Management of lead and support tickets
  4. Monitoring of live agents
  5. Voice, CRM, Marketing, Lead, and Dialer Support are all integrated.
  6. In only a few minutes, you can configure your PBX and IVR.
  7. De-duplication power Report on everything Complete call recording and tracking


Aavaz offers customized call center software that meets your current and future business needs. There are no hidden costs, and Aavaz is a leading call center software in India, thanks to its easy-to-use telecalling software, including cold call management software.

3. LiveAgent: Cloud-hosted deployment 


LiveAgent is a call center software that is hosted in the cloud. The program supports outgoing and inbound call center operations, including complicated IVR trees, call routing, and limitless call recordings. Aside from call center software, LiveAgent also provides live chat, ticketing, knowledgebase, customer portal, and reporting features.


  1. Integrates with 99.9% of VoIP service providers.
  2. Has intelligent call routing, IVR, limitless call recording storage, video call support, and extensive data analysis and reporting capabilities.
  3. It accommodates both inbound and outbound calls.
  4. Over 180 help desk features are available, including social media integrations, ticketing, live chat, and self-service alternatives.
  5. Over 40 third-party apps are integrated.
  6. Support is available 24/7


As part of its software, LiveAgent offers a completely cloud-based call center solution. The price-to-value ratio is unrivaled.


While all three are fantastic and offer robust systems, Aavaz is the go-to call center software in India. You can choose either on-premise or cloud-based software based on your needs, making it the perfect fit for SMBs. Contact Aavaz today to equip your contact center with advanced contact center solutions India!