Millions of people are using smartphones and tablets to meet their daily work, to-do, and entertainment requirements. Since Google launched its OS system Android, people were attracted more to it due to its user-friendliness and functionalities. 

Smartphones are undoubtedly the best devices to keep with you to do daily activities like managing appointments, streaming Netflix, making a to-do list, reading books, and having video conferences with your peers and clients.

Despite it being compact, sleek, and mobile, tablets are also widely being used by people for various purposes. Normally some of the stuff requires bigger screens such as video and photo editing. And when it comes to bigger screens, there is no better way to do all the stuff instead of on a tablet.

However, more importantly, you also need to have a stable internet connection to make full use of your tablet. Apart from downloading and installing apps in lesser time, a stable internet connection will help you stream without buffering and game without lag. 

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Now let’s move on to what apps should you download on your newly purchased tablet. 


Feedly is one of the best apps that help you automatically download all the latest posts and articles from websites on your RSS feed. The interface is user-friendly and easily synchronizes with all your devices. Whether you are interested in reading about digital marketing, the latest design trends, technological innovations, arts and crafts, books, science, astronomy, or any other subject, Feedly is the first app to install on your newly purchased tablet. Even if you have used it before on your smartphone, you will feel the major difference on the big tablet screen. 


Netflix is known to everyone and keeping yourself entertained and hooked to your screen on weekends will only be possible with this app. Whether you are traveling to another city, waiting for someone in the shopping place, or lying down in your bed, you will find Netflix to be the best partner to keep you busy and entertained. If you subscribe to Netflix’s premium plan, you will get to watch 4K resolution movies and TV series, giving you an awesome experience. 

Amazon Kindle 

Book reading is a hobby for most even in this technological era when we are occupied with unlimited content available on Netflix and other streaming platforms. If you cannot afford to buy expensive books, Amazon Kindle is the right app to go for. 

The Amazon Kindle app offers a huge collection of free books as well as allows you to upload your own documents and books to read through the app. If you are having weak eyesight, don’t worry, Amazon Kindle also helps you to adjust font size according to your requirements? 

All Recipes Dinner Spinner 

If you have any inclination toward cooking and trying new recipes, you should not miss installing the All Recipes Dinner Spinner. The app also displays a picture of recipes and allows you to make new dishes with clear instructions. You can also bookmark your favorite recipes for later viewing and try them out. You can even share your favorite recipes with your loved ones via Facebook, Pinterest, or email. If you want to enjoy making recipes, you should install All Recipes Dinner Spinner on your tablet. 


If you rely heavily on your tablet and often forget your passwords, make sure not to store them on a random file. LastPass is the best app to keep your passwords secure and protected from the third person. Saving your sensitive information such as login credentials or your bank details is a lot easier with LastPass. The app is free to install, but if you want to enjoy more features, you need to pay $24 per year. 

YouTube TV

When it comes to watching local channels, most people find it expensive to subscribe to cable TV. But now you can even watch local stations on your tablet with YouTube TV. It is the best app for those who are looking forward to cutting the cord completely and switching to something affordable, mobile, and convenient. 

For only $64.99 per month, you can watch local stations like ABC, AMC, Fox Food network, Comedy Central, and many more. One of the benefits of YouTube TV is that you don’t have to worry about any hidden or equipment charges. Stream local channels on your tablet on the go and never miss an important update. 

Summing Up

Android tablets are becoming popular among the masses but cannot replace laptops completely. If you have been using the tablet for your daily work and entertainment purpose, make sure to install the aforementioned apps to keep you entertained and informed with the latest happenings. You can also search on the Play Store for your favorite apps by selecting the relevant category.