People casually say age is only a number. It does not matter how old you are physically but how you feel about your body matters. Many people complain that their physical age does not match their mental age. In other words, they feel younger but look older. For them, anti ageing skincare is a must. There are others who feel great in their middle or old age, relaxed after a settlement in family and career. They get mature and escape from conflicts of life in their early forties or fifties. Yet they do not look the way they want to. In such a stage, people really want to rejuvenate the skin. Despite all the fairy tales that flatter good personal qualities like courage, kindness, and loyalty people still value good looks. This is the same for all regardless of gender, age or race. But this is more important for middle-aged and senile people as they are not ready to lose something they had once. It is not easy to look into the mirror and stare into the shadow of an early beautiful self. So, a skincare routine is a must to rejuvenate the skin and it should be started as early as possible. Anti ageing skincare should be as natural and organic as it can be because harsh chemicals and cosmetics will make things worse instead of doing good.

Coming to organic and natural anti ageing skincare, Ayurveda stands out with age-old wisdom and time-tested medicines. Ayurveda considers body and mind as nourishing together and mutually dependent on each other. Avoiding emotional stress and maintaining a calm, happy and peaceful mindset is a very important step for healthy young-looking and glowing skin. Routine cleaning with Ayurveda medicines and therapies will help prevent ageing of the body with a regular skincare routine. Daily application of herbal oils prescribed for skin problems in Ayurveda helps to rejuvenate the skin. Strict hygiene measures and immune-modulators are advised to prevent infections of the skin. Ayurveda explains anti ageing skin care as part of Rasayana or rejuvenation therapy. Rasayana is the holistic approach of slowing down the ageing process with diet, lifestyle, Ayurveda herbal medicines, and therapies. It describes the need to keep your body clean from metabolic waste products and the importance of strong digestive and assimilative power. Ayurveda advises undergoing cleansing therapies and rejuvenating therapies in youth or early middle age.

Those who want to get youthful skin should undergo cleansing procedures in Ayurveda called Panchakarma like therapeutic purgation. This can be done effectively with the help of an Ayurveda expert. After the cleaning therapies are done, specific anti ageing and nourishing drugs for Rasayana can be taken with expert advice. There are many herbs used as Rasayana like Amla (Indian gooseberry), Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), or Hareetaki (Terminalia chebula) explained n classic texts but the herb or group of drugs most suitable to you should be prescribed by an expert in Ayurveda after proper evaluation. It depends upon many factors like body constitution, place of residence, the season of application, etc. Such herbs can be used internally and as an external application for smooth and youthful skin.

Ayurvedic medicines for glowing skin

Ayurveda details the qualities of numerous herbal and mineral drugs with their healing properties. In Ayurveda treatises and plant encyclopaedias, such drugs are classified into small and large groups and named separately. It helps us to understand the drugs better and learn their properties easily. Ayurveda explains many herbs and minerals good for the health and beauty of the skin. They have varied qualities and potency. They act differently in different body constitutions. Such herbs are advised to be used internally or externally. But while speaking about anti ageing skin care, external application of regular herbal packs is mostly used. Single drugs and combinations are explained for youthful and glowing skin.

Turmeric- It is a well known spice used in food all over the world. Turmeric is known as Haridra in Sanskrit. In India, turmeric is an essential part of diet and cosmetics. Our festivals are getting coloured and decorated with turmeric mainly. Turmeric is used as a herbal paste during first menstruation, after delivery, and on all other auspicious occasions. Other than the ritual side, these traditional ways had health benefits. Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It helps you be safe from skin rashes and infections. It is golden drug-fighting various carcinomas and an excellent immune-modulator. Applying turmeric regularly on the skin and having it included in the daily diet can help in anti ageing skin care. For many people, turmeric goes well when applied with milk.

Aloe vera-  Known as Kumari in Sanskrit, meaning young girl. Aloe vera is a joyous addition to anti ageing skincare. It moisturizes, nourishes, and rejuvenates the skin naturally. The herbal organic moisturizing gel obtained as a pulp from Aloe vera can be applied directly on the skin as a skincare routine. It cools the area or surface applied and helps in skin problems related to menopause. Daily application of aloe vera can reduce wrinkles on the face and dark circles especially under the eyes.

Sandalwood- Known as Chandana, sandalwood is known as the secret ingredient of queens in ancient times. It was part of ancient perfumes and scents. In India, some people apply sandalwood paste on parts of the body as a part of daily rituals. Sandalwood is extremely cooling and has a stimulating effect on the brain. It can absorb and remove toxins from the superficial layers of the skin, giving it a special glow. It works against pigmentation leaving it as a layer of sun protection. Application of sandalwood regularly can reduce the chances of excess pigmentation associated with ageing.

Rubia-  Called Manjishtha in Sanskrit, this herb is known to help in reducing the dark pigmentation of the skin. It is helpful in brown or black patches developing by the age of menopause in women. It can be applied as a paste alone or added with other herbs like sandalwood. This helps in regular cleaning of the skin, preventing the deposit of cell debris, and cleaning up the pores in the face of the skin. In aged skin, the pores become bigger and more difficult to clean. Manjishtha helps in the maintenance of normal young complexion of skin and prevents pigmentation.