Both AVI and MP4 are common video formats, and there are a number of reasons to convert an AVI file to an MP4 file. How to convert AVI to MP4 is a subject that gets asked a lot these days. Thankfully, we are aware of five effective technologies that may provide a precise response. Many factors might make video conversion extremely required. Video converters are a crucial component of your toolkit for effective administration of your video files on any device, taking into account elements like compatibility and storage management. If you are looking for the best AVI converter, take a look at the following options and pick the best one out of them.


If you are looking for a hassle-free online converter to convert AVI files, you may take a look at This is one of the most popular file conversion tools available out there. The simplicity and versatility associated with this online file conversion tool has contributed a lot towards its popularity among users.

For example, you may convert AVI to GIF easily with the help of it. You should first upload the AVI file that you have into the online server at Onlineconvertfree. Then you will be provided with a list of file formats, where you can convert the file. If you are interested in AVI to GIF conversion, you should pick GIF as the output solution and proceed. Then this AVI to GIF converter will do your conversion, and provide you with a GIF file as the output. You may download the GIF file to your device and start using it for any preferred purpose.

  • Aiseesoft Complete Video Converter

There are several tools available in Aiseesoft Complete Video Converter for editing and converting videos. You may convert any video or audio file to a variety of widely used formats. It supports several different formats for conversion, including MP4, FLV, and MKV. It may be used to convert videos acquired from the internet as well as those shot on phones or camcorders.

To convert video or music files to a format that works with a variety of gadgets, including the iPhone, iPad, Samsung, etc., use Aiseesoft Complete Video Converter. It is capable of 2D/3D to 3D/2D conversion. This utility supports 14 different kinds of 3D modes.

It can transcode 4K UHD videos. It includes four elements that improve video quality. You may modify the audio tracks and the subtitles. Other features offered by Aiseesoft Complete Video Converter include quick conversion, video combining, watermarking, cropping, modifying, and trimming.

  • Freemake

In terms of video processing software, Freemake is the “champion” of sorts. It has developed a devoted user following as a result of its ongoing development and ability to progress years after its first release. The program, which functions just as a converter, has a thorough user interface and can transform almost any video into any desired output format. Freemake can easily handle anything, from FLV and AVI to MP4 and MP3.

As it practically holds your hand during the converting process, this utility has no learning curve. In addition to video conversion, this program is useful to have on your smartphone since it allows you to get videos from almost all popular online content sources and can rip and burn DVD and Blu-ray discs. It just takes a few easy steps for you to download and install the program on your device.

Final words

These are the best 3 AVI file converters that you can find out there as of now. Make sure that you pick the right file converter based on your needs and start using it.