When it comes to shopping, women and children are the biggest shopping enthusiasts. The holiday season is over and there are many stores (online and offline) trying to attract customers with off-season sales or offers. Of course, since clothes are the favorites of women and children, online stores will try to offer a wide variety of clothes at reasonable prices.

Many stores around the world have attractive post-holiday offers. One such store that offers a variety of clothing for children and women is Berutiful. Stunning and mind-blowing offers will most likely mesmerize any buyer and be tempted to buy.

Before being tempted, however, it’s important to know if your online store’s website is legitimate. We’ll find out through Berutiful Reviews.

What is Berutiful.com?

Berutiful.com is an online store that offers fashionable, contemporary and sophisticated clothing styles. They claim to not only sell the highest quality products, but to provide shoppers with a positive online shopping experience.

There are no compromises in the quality of the garments as the materials used in their production are of high quality. This means that your shopping experience will not only be completely unique, but also positive, but before we buy these claims, it’s important to understand whether your site is legit or just a way to catch gullible customers by organizing a sneaky approach.

Berutiful.com Specifications:

• The site uses the HTTP protocol: https://www.berutiful.com/

• Online store address: Flat 25 Laura Appartments, 289 Otley Road, Bradford, England, BD3 0EH

• E-mail address of the shop: [email protected]

• If you order something, the delivery will be made from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

• Once sent, the tracking ID will be provided to your e-mail address.

• You can also send a package anywhere in the world.

• Payment methods: MasterCard and Visa.

• Currency accepts payments: Hungarian forint (HUF), US dollar (USD), Polish zloty (PLN), British pound (GBP), Euro (EU) and Czech crown (CZK).

• The amount will be refunded within 21 days if the delivered product does not meet your expectations.

Advantages of Berutiful.com:

• This is a site that offers plenty of clothing for women and children at moderate prices.

• The website enables payments in various currencies; something you won’t find in most online stores.

• Also provides delivery to any country. Delivery times may vary from 5 to 20 days.

Disadvantages of Berutiful.com:

• After looking at many Berutiful reviews, almost no reviews have been found that would say the site is trustworthy.

• Contact information is a bit suspicious.

• Even though it contains an e-mail and physical address, there is a possibility that the information could be misleading and false.

• Social media channels are missing.

Is Berutiful.com trustworthy?

The site will catch the eye of many women and children due to the wide range of clothing it offers at moderate prices. It also claims to use high-quality materials, so there are no compromises on quality and the buyer gets a completely positive shopping experience. However, after a thorough examination of the site, it turned out that there are no reviews or websites on search engines to confirm the truthfulness of the information provided and henceforth, according to a few Berutiful reviews, the website is a scam.

What are the opinions of the people on the website?

Without careful analysis, executing any transaction through this store could fool someone. There are hardly any reviews that say the website is a trustworthy source. The lack of real reviews is a clear indicator that it cannot be trusted and therefore a scam.


If you look at this page, you will come across many post-holiday offers that offer selected clothing (especially children and women) at reasonable prices. Not only local but global audiences can be lured by the offer.

But the smart shopper will do a thorough analysis before thinking about spending a penny via the website. According to Berutiful Reviews, there aren’t many reviews that say the site is a trustworthy source. This store is definitely a scam. If you’ve had any experience with this site, feel free to post your reviews below.