Berkey pro care maintenance kits contain custom Berkey cleaning solution, and a drill bit to clear out the carbon that accumulates in the filter with everyday use. Required maintenance is one of the fastest and easiest ways to keep your Berkey filter system functioning at optimum levels all year long. When you choose to upgrade, or use a new Berkey system you will benefit from this quick and easy cleaning process.  To buy a Berkey pro care maintenance kit, visit the USA Berkey filters website.

 Once every 6 months is recommended by Berkey.  Cleaning your Berkey water filter system regularly ensures your filter is operating at its peak and that your water taste and quality remains as good as possible. We recommend cleaning your Berkey filter every 2 months to increase the efficiency of the filtration process and remove all particulate build-up. To clean you Berkey filter, simply use one of our in-house Berkey pro care maintenance kits:

Your Berkey water filter system is your most vital long-term investment. With more than 10 years of research, we have found that the physical contaminants left behind in contaminated drinking water can be much more harmful to your health than the fluoride and other natural minerals that our bodies need. These contaminants can cause all different types of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and kidney disease – which are often difficult to diagnose if they aren’t discovered early.

Your Berkey system provides you with clean, fresh drinking water today. And our tests and research have proven that it reduces many types of contaminants, including heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and uranium. Why choose a Berkey water filter system over bottled water? It’s simple. As long as you have a clean, healthy supply of water in your home, you can have safe drinking water anytime at the touch of a button on your phone.

It’s important to protect your Berkey filter system with a maintenance kit. With a cleaning solution and drill bit included in every new Berkey cleaning solution system, you can easily clean the carbon which can build up and wear out your system. This will ensure that your Berkey filter system is operating optimally all year round.  Even better, you can take all the benefits of a Berkey Filtered system when you purchase a complete Berkey Pro Care maintenance kit. This kit also provides step-by-step instructions on how to work your Berkey filter system into your lifestyle so that it is fully maintained and ready whenever you are.

To keep your Berkey filter system functioning at its best, we recommend using a professional cleaning kit. The Berkey pro care maintenance kit will ensure that your filter system is free of sediments, dirt and debris that can cause clogging, discoloration, and reduced flow.  Yes, you read that correctly-you can help clean your Berkey filters with a special type of cleaning solution. A cleaning kit has been specifically designed for this purpose, to ensure proper water purification for drinking and cooking. Each bottle includes several cleaning solutions for your Berkey system, including a valve/hose cleaner and remover, as well as a flow gage to test the water. As part of our pro care maintenance kit, each bottle also contains an instructional booklet to guide you through the steps needed for easy cleaning of your Berkey filters.