For years, Berkey’s standard filter technology has made it possible for people across the country to keep their environment clean by providing microfiltration for water. This routine maintenance kit helps ensure that your Big Berkey is always ready to go.  The Berkey pro care maintenance kit makes this easier than ever.  To buy a Berkey pro care maintenance kit, visit the USA Berkey filters website.

The Berkey filter system is used at home and on the go. The filter has many benefits: filtering, purification, medical use and it is also a portable drinking water filter system. The filter functions in one of two modes: clean or dirty.In the clean mode your Berkey will filter up to 100 gallons of water daily including all contaminants, bacteria, and viruses. In the Dirty mode your Berkey will filter up to 24 gallons of water daily, although not as effective in removing harmful bacteria, campylobacter and giardia cysts. You are responsible for maintaining your filter by replacing the carbon elements every four months. This lengthy process will allow you to experience the benefits from a clean water supply without having to make multiple stops at the local campground.  Our Berkey filters are easy to keep clean – just rinse and pop into the dishwasher for a quick cleaning! In addition to the Berkey filter, our Berkey pro care maintenance kit includes a Berkey cleanser as well as a Berkey brush. The cleanser is safe and effective for use on all our filters; it’s great for removing algae build-up, grease, and much more. The brush easily removes dirt and debris from the pores of the membranes, keeping them in tip-top shape. 

The Big Berkey system is an incredibly powerful and effective water processing technology. But like every machine, it does need maintenance to keep it in top shape and remove the buildup of minerals. In this free cleaning kit are detailed instructions for a thorough cleanup and replacement of both the filter element (filter bottle) and the mineral solution cartridge (bottle), which comes standard with every filter system. The instructions direct you in easy steps to use scrubbing pads and other products to clean each unit before drying them thoroughly with a towel that won’t pull the filter elements out of place. Understanding how your Berkey works will give you a better opportunity at maintaining it in top condition.

Have you ever gone to clean your Berkey filter system only to be let down that it needs cleaning? Powered by gravity, water runs through the filter cycles to remove dirt and other contaminants. However, with the Berkey pro care maintenance kit, this is a rare occurrence. Included with this kit is a clear container which not only keeps you informed of your filtrate usage, but also has a plastic cap which seals the container securely and prevents leaking. And a handy never-fail calculator so you can know exactly when your filter needs cleaning (also available as a stand alone product).

The Berkey filter system is the perfect combination of high performance and efficiency. Using proprietary filtration media, this system purifies water from the ground up, removing contaminants down to .5 microns in size. Due to this superior filtration process, you only need to clean your filter once a year or less for standard use. However, effective water purification requires multiple weekly cleaning cycles for people who are sensitive to even trace amounts of contaminates. To ensure your filter never needs cleaning again, the Berkey pro care maintenance kit contains all that you will need for routine inspection and cleaning of your filtration system, including filters, a new carbon block or ceramic filter media, a filter wrench and detailed instructions.