Are you aware of this scam online website that is putting consumers in trouble? Is Bergen Reach a scam?

If you search the internet with the same question, you have found the right article. Consumers are stuck in chaos over a website that looks so genuine but is a complete failure.

Here we will disclose facts about a fake website. After reading this article, we guarantee that the next time you come across a similar website, you can identify a scam very quickly!

Citizens of the United States are complaining about the website because they risked their privacy by ordering from here.

Let’s find out more on the website!

Has Bergen hit a scam

The website claims to be an online store offering various products from different categories like home appliances, electronics, kitchen, home appliances, etc. The website also features famous and reputable brands like Samsung, Whirlpool, Sony, etc.

The online store has a detailed description of all products and has a featured and most popular product section. There is no space for customers to post a review on the official website.

The website claims on the about us page that the website is child-centered; most of their products are aimed at children and mothers. The website’s mission is to make it easy for busy parents to buy what they want.

Website Specifications

• Bergen Reach Scam reveals that the website is an e-commerce site revolving around children and their moms.

• The website is accessible via

• As per website shipping policy, international shipments are made within 4-22 days, while shipping to the United States takes 4-6 days.

• Company shipping costs depend on the location of the product and the weight and size of the product.

• There is no exchange policy mentioned by the website.

• The website accepts cancellations on products before the item has yet shipped.

• The website offers a 30 day return policy.

• In addition to the return, they also offer a 30 day refund.

• Is Bergen Reach Scam Reveal Website Displayed Email ID ie [email protected].

• A contact number is also provided, namely (331) 318-2577

• The website has a mailing address; 1084 Broad St, NJ 07102, Bergen Reach, USA.

• The website accepts PayPal and other major debit and credit cards.

• The website creation date could not be found.

Benefits of the site

• The website has an attractive set of products that are very useful for busy parents of a newborn baby.

• The website features major brands on their website.

Disadvantages of the site

• There is no creation date on the website.

• The address provided by the website is not legitimate.

• There is no space for Bergen Reach Scam journals.

Is the website legitimate or not?

The website has very smartly designed the interface of the online store which looks very legitimate. But there are still gaps that cannot be ignored. Just like the important suspicious aspect, there are no social media related links.

The website also does not have a creation date to find; there is no space for reviews. The address provided by the website is not on Google Maps. The website has a lot of negative reviews on the internet.

The website is very suspicious and is definitely not legitimate; it is one of the scam websites that trick consumers with attractive aesthetics.

What do people think is Bergen Reach a scam?

The website has many negative reviews on the Internet; many complained that they had not received their orders; some accuse the website of stealing their money.