Are you all looking for an online store that sells puzzles? Do you want to know where to buy a puzzle at a good price? If so, read about Beepi .shop, which is based in the United States.

Do you have questions about the reliability of this site? To do this, you need to go through the Beppie Puzzles Reviews article and clear all your doubts.

What is about Beppie. Shop?

It is a professional puzzle team dedicated to providing high quality products at a minimal cost. The company claims to provide the best services with standard delivery in most countries of the world.

The web portal obliges its customers to provide almost everything they can think of. At first glance at the website, it seems nice and attractive. The website has a colored window with the details of the service. However, shouldn’t we buy from this website until we know if Beppie Puzzles is legal or not?


• Website link:

• Portal type: This is an online store that offers puzzle products.

• Address: Xinxing Commercial City, Huangshan Road, Dist-Hongta, City-Yuxi, Yunnan Province.

• Number: +86 172 6201 2647

• E-mail: [email protected]

• Delivery cost: free shipping.

• Order cancellation: not listed.

• Shipping Policy: After processing from stock, the item normally reaches its final destination within 15-30 days.

• Return and exchange: within 30 days of purchasing the products.

• Refund: Available

• Payment mode: PayPal, credit card, VISA

Beepie Pros. Shop:

• People can use a gift if it is marked on the purchased item.

• Consumers can get Buy One Get One deals and 90% discount.

Disadvantages of Beepi. Shop:

• Puzzle Beppie Customer reviews are not present on the website.

• Perishable and sanitary goods are non-returnable.

• Some items are partially refundable, such as CDs, video games, etc.

• Items for sale cannot be returned

• The customer bears the cost of returning the goods himself.

• The site’s trust rating is very poor and its availability on the social media platform has not been found.

• The order cannot be canceled and the refund process is also not described on the website.

• We could not find the website address on the Google map.

Now let’s check if this site is trustworthy –

Is Beppie Puzzles legal?

In order to find the authenticity of a website, we have to go through some criteria to match them as the heritage of the website depends on it. Let’s check it out below.

• Brand creation date: The website was created on March 2, 2021

• Domain name: BEEPI.SHOP

• Missing information: We did not find any missing information.

• Social media presence: We didn’t find this anywhere on the social media platform.

• Trust Score: Site Trust Score is only 1%.

• Payment methods: Various payment options are available.

• Reviews: During our search, we noticed that there were no reviews of Beppie puzzles on Trustpilot.

• Owner Information: Not listed on this site.

• Authenticity of address: During the research we find inauthentic address details of the website.

• Brand popularity: the brand is not popular

• Broken link: Not found because the link to the site leads us to the specified page.

• Content plagiarism: When we search, we find that 88% of the content is copied and 12% is unique.

Therefore, not all criteria are met. Therefore, we cannot mention here that this site is trustworthy. We look forward to checking out the review section.

What reviews of buyer’s Beppie puzzles are there?

Being too young, it has not created any attraction for users in the US as there are no comments on Trustpilot and the Internet.

When discussing its availability on the social media platform, we conclude that it is zero. To ensure that you do not shop from that particular site until it has received positive recognition.

Final Verdict on Beppie Puzzle Page:

While discussing all aspects of the website, we consider it new to the market with a poor trust score which explains that customers are not interested. We couldn’t find any relevant comments in the Beppie Puzzles Reviews section. In addition, it turns out that the website is also not connected to any social world.

When searching, it turns out that the website address details are inauthentic and the content is also largely copied, which has a bad effect on the customer’s faith in the site.

Therefore, we cannot recommend this site for shopping and people should verify it again before purchasing.