Digital revolutions have affected every aspect of our lives and also enhanced the level of consciousness in the minds of citizens. The effect of digitalization on healthcare sector is astonishing and has performed miracles to improve doctor-patient interactions in the management of ailments.

The growing awareness has caused patients to search for solutions to their health issues Sometimes, pharma companies also create awareness through their marketing campaigns. Endo International, through its marketing campaign for Xiaflex has done the exact same thing in the United States.

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Concerning the Peyronie’s Disease:

It is difficult for people to discuss a medical condition with their doctor. Peyronie is one of those. The formation of scar tissue inside the penis, causing it to curve further than usual, is referred to as Peyronie’s Disease. It also causes discomfort during sexual activity and can occur as a result of an injury to the body.

The FDA accepts Xiaflex for treating this disease Other options that can be considered to the patient include surgery. According to Endo the condition is affecting 10% of the population, but the diagnosis rate is low because of patients’ unwillingness to accept treatment.

Bentcarrott com:

The campaign to promote Endo employed the bent carrot metaphor to describe Peyronie disease. The company named its website after it. The company is hoping to raise awareness among patients by providing details about the disease on the website.

The patient is able to understand their medical condition by making use of the information available on-site, and also consult with a doctor. The site contains details on the following subjects:

  • It provides detailed information on Peyronies” disease.
  • The website also covers Xiaflex medicine as well as the various phases of treatment for this injection.
  • The negative side effects of this medication are also mentioned and why people should not take the injection.

Bentcarrott Com function in treating Peyronies the’disease

The knowledge of various ailments is lower among a significant portion of the populace. The ad campaign of Endo employs every method to reach out to people across all platforms.

It makes use of commercials that feature bent carrots in order to educate people on the condition. The campaign is using primetime programs streaming videos, as well as evening news to reach out to people. Social media, digital radio, and radio advertising services will allow the company to get to a wider number of people.

The media campaign will create traffic to the site and let people know more about the condition and its treatment. complete with details on it is expected to play a significant role in bringing patients and doctors closer.

Endo has completed two years of study on patients suffering from the disease Peyronie’s and discovered the disease takes 7 years to the average patients to become aware of the disease.

The final verdict

According to medical professionals that sufferers must cope with a myriad of issues and denials in the society in order to see a doctor eventually. The hope is this endo advertisement campaign will make people aware more about the illness and help them find a solution.