The recent pandemic has shifted everyone’s focus on health and immunity; and the ever increasing popularity of yoga has inspired parents to introduce the practice to the next generation. This centuries old practice has countless benefits for all age groups. Online Yoga Classes are considered a new age mantra for sustainable health.

Both yoga and mindfulness have proven to improve both physical and mental health in children of all age groups. Regular practice not just improves their endurance and strength, but also provides them balance and aerobic capacity. There are a number of psychological benefits for children which can improve academic performance, focus, memory, behavior, and even reduce pandemic induced anxiety. If you are planning to enroll your kids in online yoga classes, you can head to PiggyRide. Ranked as the finest online learning platform for children in India. PiggyRide offers some of the best and comprehensive online yoga classes for children.The online yoga classes will be conducted by experienced yoga teachers who are extremely talented and well-qualified. 

Here is how your kids can benefit from different breathing exercises, stretches, and mindfulness, which yoga has to offer:

Physical Strength, Flexibility and Balance

The very first benefit of regular yoga practice for kids is that both flexibility and strength can significantly increase. Strong muscles and increased aerobic capacity enable balance and agility. Awareness of each movement and muscles learnt in online yoga classes help them become more aware of themselves and their surroundings. 

Concentration and Focus

Apart from the physical benefits of yoga, there are considerable mental benefits as well. A good practice helps in clearing the mind and focusing on the assigned task. Learning how to breathe through a pose helps the children in staying calm and concentrated. These concentration techniques are transferred to other environments as well, which helps them do better academically. 

Mind and Body Coordination

Yoga improves the mind and body coordination as well as connection. ‘Yoga’ is derived from Sanskrit words meaning ‘to join’ and enhances the union of body and mind. The happy hormones released in the brain uplifts the mental health of the child.

Boost Confidence

Learning a sense of self, comes as a by-product of regular yoga practice for kids. The hard work and the time taken to master a pose can boost the confidence of the child. Online yoga classes can be an important lesson to increase self-esteem and self-empowerment. The child learns that hard work pays off and if we put an effort in any situation, it will bear the sweet fruit of success. 

Helpful for Children with Special Needs

Research studies suggest that yoga can be beneficial for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism. Regular practice of yoga helps in fighting impulsivity, hyperactivity and inattentiveness which are core symptoms of ADHD. An improvement in school performance has been observed with yoga which comes from the calmness offered by the practice. A growing number of schools are advocating and introducing mindfulness and yoga into their physical education curriculum and online classroom programs. There are a number of online courses and yoga studios which offer yoga classes for school age children.

Improving Parent-Child Bond

Yoga is extremely interactive and can be fun for both parents and children, even at home. Let us look at a fun way to practice yoga. It is important to focus on the benefits of the poses which are also known as asanas. And instead of referring to their Sanskrit names try to find their generic names. Make it easy and fun for kids to learn by enacting poses with names like cow, boat, tree, cow, dog etc. You can come up with interesting names and hold fun poses till you both don’t master it. 

In the current uncertain times, not a lot of parents might be comfortable in sending their little ones to a yoga studio. This problem has also given rise to the solution in the form of online yoga classes for kids. Here are some tips for beginners which can help them practice yoga at home, of course under the guidance of a teacher who can guide them safely, avoiding any injuries. 

Choose the Right Time

It has been observed that morning time is the best for practicing yoga or any other exercise. This ensures keeping the energy levels high throughout the day. But then a yoga session in the evening can help you relieve stress accumulated during the entire day and guarantee a good night’s sleep. We suggest that you pick a time during the day where you can be regular and will not be disturbed. Have a routine and plan your day accordingly. 

Choose the Right Place

It is always good to have a designated space in the house to practice yoga daily. When done in a small space, regular yoga practice creates a positive vibration which produces healing and comfort not just to you but also to your family members. The place should be clean and well ventilated. 

Try to Practice on an Empty Stomach

The benefits of the yoga postures can be maximized if practiced on an empty stomach. Try to have a 3-4 hour break between your meals and the practice. If you have any medical conditions which do not allow you to be on an empty stomach for a long duration, then eat something light and consult a physician before the practice.

Warm Up

Stretching the muscles before the exercise is as important as the after the workout. Working out without prior warm up can strain the muscles causing an injury. Warming up before intense yoga postures cannot be emphasized upon even in an online yoga class. 

Be Regular

The most important thing to do when you are practicing yoga is to be consistent. Including the practice in your daily life for a minimum of 20 minutes can bring positivity. It is a slow and relaxing process which might take some time to get a hang of. But don’t give up.

The Final Verdict!

Yoga as a practice is holistic for adults and for kids alike. It helps the mind and body to rejuvenate and relax. It is a better immunity booster than any medicine. But in order to perform it without any injuries and learn the right techniques it is best to enroll in an online yoga class. Start with easy yoga postures to see immediate results and slowly build your way up to more complex asanas. It is important to find the right teacher to set you on a path of lifelong health. Make sure you research well.