Virtual interviews are not that new when it comes to recruitment of employees but their mass adoption as a result of the pandemic ended up revealing several of its advantages to candidates as well as the company.Virtual Interview has dramatically improved hiring as it is efficient, convenient, and flexible. Not only this, various intelligent interview solutions today permits for a positive candidate experience, insightful interviews, and equitable experiences for applicants.

The advantages of video interviewing cannot be overstated in any situation, no matter what! Let us explore some of the benefits of virtual interviews to candidates and employers. 

3 Biggest advantages of virtual interviews 

  • Convenience 

Taking an interview to virtual ones from in-person meetings is incredibly convenient for any person. The ease of chatting over a webcam upon signing onto the internet is easier than facing traffic, hopping in cars, and stressing about getting lost on your way to important interviews. 

The costs involved in in-person interviews are eliminated with almost no fees for tolls, gas, parking, hotels, or flights. The experience of taking an interview is improved with a reduction in hassles and costs. 

With virtual interview solutions taking place over audio conferencing platforms like teams and zoom, there remained no need for an interviewee or interviewer to remember new passwords or fuss with new downloads now and then. The sole requirement is access to the internet in a very comforting environment, what else does one need! 

  • Efficiency 

Not only is a virtual interview more convenient when compared to in-person interviews, but it is also known to be a more efficient option that helps to reduce the filling up time invested by the company. In such a way, interviews take lesser time to get scheduled and are easily accessible to applicants from an area away from the interviewing location. This way, an interview could take place sooner with a quicker hiring process than you might have thought of in your mind. 

Virtual interviews also permit communication with effective decision-making teams, especially while using virtual interviewing technology solutions like teams and zoom. It helps organizations assess and consolidate feedback across every hiring team to accelerate the hiring process. 

  • Consistency 

Consistency is the key to success, especially with quality interviews. Every question asked in a virtual interview can be tracked and monitored, making the interview similar for every candidate. With the tracking of the performance of the interviewer and consistency of questions, applicants can be assessed more fairly. 

An online video interview also proves to level the field to play by making an interview accessible to an extensive range of people. A candidate, who fails to make it to an offline in-person interview because of work hours, travel restrictions, or other responsibilities on his head, would no longer be overlooked now. Any person with access to the internet can engage with video interviews today. 


A virtual interview not just helps in saving time for candidates and recruiters, but also helps them save money. Businesses and consumers wish to tighten their belts in today’s economy making cost savings an important rationale while considering a Video Interview Software. Virtual interviews are undoubtedly the future of the recruiting, what do you think?

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