Laptops have become indispensable in work and private life because they offer maximum flexibility. However, when it comes to screen size and workspace, they really can’t compete with an external monitor. Connecting the PC to the best Huawei monitors is still possible to maximize the potential of both devices. The following are the benefits of using the Huawei Monitors:

More screen space, more efficiency!

On average, the resolution of a new generation laptop is around 1366 x 768 pixels. On the other hand, if you’re connected to Huawei monitor with an ultra-thin quality, the available workspace for your content even triples.

Who owns a high definition 4K HDPI laptop has more pixels, but substantially the physical size of the screen is still small. Therefore, it will be possible to display a maximum of two windows simultaneously without the characters and texts becoming extremely small. With two screens, it is possible to expand the available workspace effectively and is a valuable aid in improving operational efficiency.

Freedom of alignment

Huawei monitors can be flexibly configured and aligned with different display options, reducing excessive visual strain. The screens can be freely positioned in both landscape and portrait formats and can also be superimposed.

Frameless screen

Thanks to the sophisticated and borderless design, laptops and monitors can be joined so that the eye can pass unhindered from one surface to another without the usual interruptions caused by awkward frames.

Portrait format

You can orient the monitor to the vertical position to view websites or read documents comfortably.


For an ergonomic posture, place the monitor screen on top of the laptop and enjoy a perfect view.

Brightness auto control

The brightness of the screen will automatically adjust according to the surrounding conditions. There are monitors that can be set to a minimum value of 1 CD/MQ: this allows optimal brightness to be obtained even in very dark environments, protecting the eyes from visual fatigue.

80% blue light percentage reduction

The monitor has a “Paper” mode that simulates printed paper’s color temperature and contrast for even more comfortable reading. Combined with the AutoEcoView function, it can drastically reduce the amount of blue light emitted and relax your eyes.

Reflection reduction

The type of anti-reflective coating used in laptops cannot be compared to that of the Huawei monitor, which not only improves the readability of content but also ensures high visual clarity with reduced visual stress and work overload.

No flicker effects

The Huawei monitor is provided with the “EyeCare dimming” function, which offers a constant luminous flux, avoiding the so-called flicker effect. That is the almost invisible flickering or flickering of the image that is still perceived by the human eye and can cause headaches and other disorders due to excessive stimulation of vision.

Compatible with any laptop

Huawei borderless monitors have many inputs, including HDMI, DisplayPort, 24-pin DVI-D, and 15-pin D-sub connector (1). The monitors can be connected with a single cable to all notebooks, laptops, and other products.


The benefits of using the Huawei monitor are limitless. However, getting the original monitor for sale can be challenging, so we have researched and concluded the place to get the best Huawei monitors.

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