Regular physical activity and brushing dogs teeth is beneficial for your beloved dog. It can enhance the mood of your dogs while they explore a new environment with you. There’s nothing more blissful than seeing a four-legged companion wagging his tail with a cute puppy face waiting for you at the door to have a walk with you. Keep reading to discover how taking your pooch for a walk can be beneficial for his/her health.

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  1. Walking is Great for Your Dog’s Health

Walking with your furry friend regularly is essential for dog care and is a great way to improve your and the pet’s physical and mental health. Your four-legged friend is always curious to know everything about the world, just like a child. Your dog may get bored if he or she is confined to the house for an extended period, and boredom can sometimes irritate them and affect his/her relationship with you. Your munchkin relies on you to take them outside to see, smell, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the world. This is why regular outdoor activities are important for them. You’ve noticed how active (and joyful) your pooch is when he/she walks with you in the external environment.

  1. Walking Helps in Socialization

Your dogs will certainly meet other pets while they are out for a walk. This is an excellent opportunity for them to learn appropriate social interactions with new animals. It will also help gain confidence in social situations, so they will be less hesitant to make new friends. If your dog exhibits fear, enrolling them in a training class is an excellent approach to alleviate their discomfort in a controlled setting.

When out for a stroll, well-socialized puppies enjoy a little friendly fuss with other dogs, but they know when to stop and come away with no battle scars. Everyone benefits from taking the dog out for a walk and introducing him or her to different pets, people, and circumstances.

You can also plan daycare for your pet, DCC Petcare offers daycare and boarding services where the handler check the socialization level of the dog and basis that undertake individual/group play sessions with other dogs.

  1. Walking Out can be a Training Opportunity

Make the most out of your dog’s walk as it is a good training opportunity. No dog is born with a knowledge of walking with a leash. However, taking them on a regular walk would help you make them learn some disciplines, commands, and etiquettes. You can start teaching commands like “sit,””stay,” and “heel” during these walks, especially if you bring rewards for them with you.

Just walking is not enough

Wondering how often you should take your dog for a walk? Our experts suggest at least one walk of 15 to 20-minute every day. You can extend the period eventually if you do not have a yard for your furry friend to play in. If your buddy has health issues related to respiration, our experts suggest consulting with a veterinarian to determine the optimum walk duration.

At DCC Animal Hospital & Petcare, some of our services include –


  • Daycare
  • Boarding
  • Grooming
  • Hydrotherapy (summer months only)


  • Medical consultation & all surgeries
  • ICU and Lab services
  • Isolation wards

We have designed a pet-friendly environment at the DCC pet medical centre, keeping all their needs in mind. With top-notch dog daycare, overnight, weekend, and holiday boarding, and spa treatments, we provide everything with your four-legged family member demands.