How often do you exercise? Physical activity is at the heart of healthy living. However, considering your busy schedule and concerns like psoriasis, it may be easier said than done. You may be self-conscious when you struggle with psoriasis on the palms of your hands, among other visible parts. The psychological impact is enough to impact your physical exercise endeavors, especially in social settings such as sports. Other concerns, such as worrying about the impact of the exercises on psoriasis flare-up and severity, the clothing for the activity, skin sensitivity, and the effect on the treatment regimen, can also make the process challenging.

Despite the potential hiccups, you shouldn’t ignore physical activity. While contact sports might seem tricky, it is worth noting that psoriasis is not contagious. You won’t be putting others at risk due to the contact. But does exercise help with psoriasis? Let’s look at some of the contributions engaging in sports and physical activity delivers in your quest to manage psoriasis.

Weight management

Did you know that excessive weight is associated with increased inflammation? You are already at high risk of widespread inflammation. This is because psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder that can cause systematic inflammation. Suppose your weight range is beyond healthy levels. In that case, you are at increasingly high risk of further inflammation, which worsens psoriasis flare-up and severity.

Engaging in sporting activity is among the effective weight management measures. Physical activities help burn calories, lose some pounds, and maintain a healthy weight range. Shedding the extra pounds keeps you fit and, as inflammation lowers, keeps psoriasis flare-ups at bay.

Stress control


How do you feel after a workout? Team sports can elevate your mood and energy levels, helping you manage stress. Exercise is known to contribute to lowering stress hormones like cortical and adrenaline. Moreover, the activity stimulates the production of endorphins. These are the chemicals in your brain responsible for mood elevation and are natural painkillers.

As you manage psoriasis, the natural painkillers make the itch and pain from the condition more manageable. Moreover, since the stress levels drop, the condition won’t worsen, especially considering the psoriasis-stress loop that affects many people. When you are stressed, flare-ups are likely to occur, and when this happens, the stress levels spike.

The loop is avoided, and the impacts extend to better sleep quality. The improved moods make it easier to fall and stay asleep, a concern people with psoriasis struggle with and only worsen the condition’s severity. Many people with psoriasis struggle with sleep dysfunction, including insomnia and sleep apnea, which makes stress and flare-up management more challenging. With the exercise, your mental wellness improves, making it to fall asleep, sleep longer, and wake up feeling refreshed. Moreover, concerns like sleep apnea won’t significantly impact your sleeping quests with a healthier weight. Quality sleep gives your body a chance to self-heal, which is important as you strive to keep psoriasis and its complication in check, emphasizing the need for physical exercise.

Overall health

Did you know that some infections can cause psoriasis to flare up? Your overall health impacts your body’s ability to fight infections. Exercise is known to improve your immunity. Your cellular immunity improves with moderate-intensity exercise due to the better circulation of the immune cells in the body. Such immunity function means your body is better prepared to detect and fight infection. This helps limit the chances of a psoriasis flare-up.

Besides enhanced immunity, exercise improves your digestive and cardiovascular health, among vital aspects. This means your dietary efforts will be more effective as digestion and circulation of vital nutrients are improved. Your skin and other organs are replenished, making it easier for them to manage their functions efficiently. This translates to better overall health, helping keep psoriasis in check.

Sports can significantly supercharge your psoriasis fight. Nonetheless, you have to do it right to realize the best results. This starts by knowing which sports are best suited for your situation. For instance, if you have psoriasis on palm of hands, you may not have a significant challenge compared to someone with psoriatic arthritis. This is because individuals with psoriatic arthritis may experience complications if they engage in high-intensity sports due to the excess stress on their weakened joints.

Picking the right clothing for your exercise also counts. You need breathable clothing featuring softer fabric to ensure you don’t end up with scratches which can cause psoriasis flare up. Consistency is also essential, ensuring that your workout regimen delivers better results. Also, remember to stay hydrated since you don’t want your skin to dry up, causing irritations and worsening psoriasis.

Sports are fun, and the exercise they facilitate can help you supercharge your health and wellness regime, even when dealing with chronic conditions like psoriasis. Nonetheless, you must follow a practical regimen, ensuring your physical activity doesn’t lead to flare-ups, such as because of excessive sweating or stress on weakened joints.