Organ donation comes into the public consciousness every few years: but what does it really mean?  Who does it benefit?  These are all of the perks of being an organ donor and why you should opt in. 

Saving Countless Lives

Saving lives can be a fantastic reason to donate your organs!  Human beings are social creatures, and we love to know that we’re taking steps to save each other.  One deceased organ donor can save up to eight lives.  This is eight more people that get to continue living because of you specifically: something incredible for everyone to consider.

Allows You to Be Remembered

One of the largest fears for individuals is that they’ll be forgotten once they’re gone.  We don’t like to think about the world moving on from us after we’re gone, and one way to ensure that you’ll make a lasting impression is to sign up for organ donation.  Those who receive your donation will think about you for as long as they’re able to use this organ, and their loved ones can also be thankful for the donation and think about the person the organs came from.  This will ensure you’re in someone’s memory for life.

Can Encourage Others to Donate

Encouraging others to donate is a big deal because each of these perks and benefits will get passed on to another group of people time and time again.  By donating organs, people who are related to the person whose life you saved will feel inspired to also donate their organs because they’re thankful for your actions.  Even donating your body to science and medical use can inspire those who need to use your organs and remains for scientific studies to feel like they should do the same.

Free and Simple to Sign Up For

Donating organs doesn’t cost your family any money and is a simple process where you just have to opt in.  Recently there has been a push to change the system to an opt-out option so that people are automatically signed up for it: this would allow far more people to support the system while still giving those who don’t want in to have an out.  

Making this simple and free ensures you don’t have to jump through hoops, and your family doesn’t have to struggle with the decision once you’re already gone.

Can Help Your Family Mourn

Mourning is difficult for anyone.  Working through the loss of a loved one can leave many feeling broken or hurt, struggling to come to terms with why this could have happened.  By donating your organs, you add a silver lining to this for any of your relatives.

When loved ones know that you live on through the people your organs will be donated to, they’ll be glad to know you’re still in the world, helping people thrive.  Although this won’t heal their hearts entirely, it’ll give them something comforting to hold onto.  

Organ Donation is a Fantastic Option for Everyone

Not only can you save lives when you’re no longer able to use your organs: organ donation is a must for anyone who wants to be remembered longer.  This is a great choice for almost any individual.