If you’ve made the decision to relocate from San Francisco to New York City, odds are you’re not doing it for the lower cost of living. New York City and San Francisco are two of the most expensive cities in the United States. Something else is undoubtedly enticing you to New York. When moving long distance from San Francisco maybe you’ve gotten a new work offer, or maybe you’re just ready to leave the laid-back California lifestyle behind for something more hectic and interesting. Whatever the reason, New York City is bound to be interesting. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of relocating to New York City.

Job Opportunities

If you are leaving the Bay Area, you are essentially leaving America’s job hotspot. The good news is that New York City is also a fantastic place to work. Unlike San Francisco, which is dominated by the tech industry, New York provides a diverse range of professional prospects, including finance, marketing, and advertising, as well as fashion, modeling, and acting. In fact, New York Metropolis has the most Fortune 500 firms of any city in the world.

Great Public Transportation

Given its size and population, New York City offers excellent public transit. Because they don’t have to worry about driving anyplace, most locals don’t possess automobiles. The subway system is both speedy and inexpensive, and it can get you everywhere in the city in 45 minutes or less. If the subway is insufficient, taxis, Uber, and buses can be used. Unlike in San Francisco, New Yorkers seldom moan about not being able to get a parking place.

Surprisingly Affordable Neighborhoods

When you think of New York City real estate, the word “expensive” comes to mind. While Manhattan has the highest real estate prices in the country, there are several districts in NYC that offer more inexpensive property pricing. Inwood is one such instance. Inwood, located at the top of Manhattan, offers a lot of green space and a laid-back attitude. It may not be as handy as living in the center of Manhattan, but its affordability more than compensates. Crown Heights is another fantastic Brooklyn neighborhood. This historic neighborhood is near to everything Brooklyn has to offer and is regarded as an excellent and reasonably priced community. Ridgewood is another less costly place near the Queens area. Because of its numerous cuisine and bustling culture, this unique town has attracted young tenants. 

Plenty of Variety

The beauty of New York City is that there are literally hundreds of things to do at any one time. If you are bored in your neighborhood, just get on the train and you’ll be somewhere entirely different in 30 minutes. Tired of dining at the same pizza place every time? There are hundreds more to pick from across the city. Is the weather nice today? Instead of using the train, walk or ride your bike to work. There is so much diversity in NYC that you could spend your whole life there and never eat at every restaurant, see every musical, visit every club, or live in every area.