The term mini bar is closely related to the word bar. Is an area that is usually found in a cafe that provides a variety of drinks. The word bar comes from a barrier, which is something that blocks or limits between the bartender and the guest. The barrier can be a wooden divider called a counter which is given a seat of the appropriate height. Along with its development, the concept of the bar was then brought and adapted into the house with a smaller or mini table/counter size. And so the mini bar was born. Mini bar is an area in the house that is often used as a place to provide snacks and various drinks. Mini Bars generally consist of high tables and picking stools for home equipped with lighting and are often located near the kitchen or pantry.

Unlike the bar in the cafe, the mini bar at home is usually used as an element of interior design and decoration in the kitchen room. This area can be a gathering area or a communal area in the house, a place to chat while enjoying a variety of food and soft drinks. In addition to giving additional appeal to the interior of the kitchen space, here are some other benefits of a mini bar-style kitchen design:

For a house or apartment with a small size, space limitations can be overcome by designing the kitchen space to have a mini bar. The mini bar can be used as a substitute for the dining room which generally requires a large space. The mini bar is a practical solution for those who do not have a large space to function as a dining room.

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To have a mini bar itself does not require a large area. Mini bar can be designed attached to the wall. At first glance, this mini bar is very similar to a peninsula which also has a similar function and purpose. But usually, the peninsula is designed rather short and integrated with the kitchen set, while the mini bar has a distinctive height with a distinctive bar stool. Designing a kitchen with a mini bar can also save some budget. With various functions, such as being able to function as a dining area, you no longer need to have a special dining area which of course takes up more budget.

Unlike the dining table, the bar table which is not too wide has many functional values. You can use the bar table as a table for eating, a table for cooking activities and even for storing cooking ingredients. And best of all, having a mini bar can mean you have a new “hang out” area in your own home. You can even invite visiting guests to chat in your kitchen mini bar casually like being in a cafe.


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