King Prawn is a type of prawn that is an edible seafood animal for human beings. It is also known as pacific white shrimp. As the name suggests, it originated from the Pacific Ocean, weighing around 1gram to 12 gram depending on its feeding habits. The pacific white shrimp has various benefits to your body as stated below.


Prawn fish contains iodine minerals used in the body to boost the productivity of the red blood cells. These cells are crucial in the body as they assist in the transportation of oxygen inside the body.

The fish has phosphorus and magnesium, which helps in the strengthening of the bones.

King Prawn is suitable for pregnant mothers because it has low levels of mercury, low in fat content, and high in protein which is ideal for the growth and development of the baby.

White shrimps, also known as king prawns, have a sulfur component in them, and this plays a significant role on the human skin as it smoothens the skin by creating a great bond between the skin cells.

Shrimp is rich in Zinc, Iron, and Vitamin B12 as this helps prevent hair loss due to various reasons and promotes growth and maintenance of the hair.

It’s rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that aids in promoting heart and brain health.

The shrimps also have an antioxidant known as astaxanthin, enabling them to have the reddish-pink color and helps the human body reduce joint pain and protect from certain cancers.

Astaxanthin found in the shrimp prevents the skin from thickening and also prevents the UV rays from the sun from damaging the skin.

King prawn helps prevent cardiovascular issues as it contains Iron that enables the blood to flow around the body, thus reducing the inflammation problems and improving the memory in the brain.

If you want to lose weight, you need to include these shrimps into your diet as they contain low fat and have good cholesterol that is rightfully required in the body.

Having seen that king prawn has many benefits to the human body, you can now prepare a delicious meal of King Prawn (Pacific white shrimp). Before you start cooking, you need to gather first the ingredients you need while cooking King Prawn.

Ingredients For King Prawn

●       Olive oil.

●        Shrimps.


●       Rinse the shrimps thoroughly on a running tap.

●       Put them in a clean bowl.

●       Take each shrimp at a time and peel off the shell.

●       Peel around it, and the shell will come out quickly.

●       Remove the shell by squeezing it.

●       Do the same to the remaining shrimps in the bowl and place them in a separate bowl.

●       After peeling off the shell, you can now start to cook them.

●       Place a pan on a medium heat stovetop.

●       Pour olive oil or any cooking oil of your choice on the pan.

●       Season the shrimps in the bowl with your desired spices.

●       Mix them well.

●       When the oil is hot, put in the shrimps.

●       Spread them on the pan.

●       Cook each side evenly for 2 minutes.

●       When they start to turn pinkish, you can now turn them on the other side.

●       Serve them hot.

You have seen how King Prawn is benefiting your body when you include it in your diet. However, they also have a side effect on the human body when consumed in excess.

Side effects of excessive intake of King Prawn

White shrimp contain LDL cholesterol. This compound is hazardous to the human body as when it accumulates in the body, resulting in stroke or heart attack. These attacks are caused by a clot of blood blocking the blood flow in the artery.

Shrimps live in water, and the water is continually polluted by harsh chemicals, e.g. the mercury that dissolves in water and enters through the shrimp’s body. You will find that the mercury will accumulate inside the shrimp’s body, and when you consume the shrimp, you will not have the knowledge to know if the shrimp has the mercury in it. Therefore, as you eat the shrimp, you will also be taking in the dangerous chemical mercury. Consequently, you need to limit the intake of white shrimps.

Excessive intake of pacific white shrimp can cause goiter. This is a disease that is caused by excessive intake of foods that contain iodine. As you know, shrimp has iodine, which is due to the saltiness of the water in the ocean.

Summing up

Seafood is an example of white meat that is so delicious and also easy to prepare. They come along with many benefits that are helpful to your body. However, you also need to take care of your intake limit because excessive intake is harmful to your health.