Today, one of the popular tools in the marketing strategy of the companies is the Whiteboard Animation Software such as Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Makerwhich can create impressive whiteboard animation videos for your business. It is very easy to use where you do not need any coding skill. You can create stunning and engaging content with the help of online free media library available. There is an option of multi timeline editing that you can carry out your project with super ease and create an expert level animation video. There is also a caption and audio feature such that you can use awesome audio effects in the background.

Benefits of Whiteboard Animation Video

  • It provides a place in the minds of the customers.

It is among the most important marketing goals that potential customers remember brands, services and products. Many studies show that many people rarely buy a brand they see for the first time. However, the more things about the brand are remembered after the first interaction, the more likely it is that potential customers will be curious about the brand in question and start researching that brand. Therefore, companies aiming to gain a place in the minds of their potential customers are recommended to turn to the most effective method, the video method. It is possible for companies to achieve better results with the video method, which is a much catchier method than text, visuals or any other media.

For this reason, companies that aim to remind their customers and thus consider increasing their sales can be told what is whiteboard animation and its method. Whiteboard animation videos impress customers much more than ordinary videos, with visuals that can be easily understood by people of all ages, music that can be added optionally and can be extremely catchy, and simple narration. With Whiteboard animation, companies can promote their companies in the best way and create a great first impression on behalf of customers.

  • It also attracts the attention of busy people.

In the report titled Videos in C-Suite, prepared by the world-renowned Forbes, it has been proved that 80 percent of the employees in managerial positions who are constantly busy with something watch information about their weekly work through animated videos and 59 percent prefer video narratives to narrations with text. . These data also show that short-term commercials such as whiteboard animation are the best choice for companies that want to market something to managers with limited time.

The best advertising strategy

In this kind of advertising campaign, the only thing that company owners have to do is take the piece of text they think will perform the best and turn it into a video and then present it to the target market. In this way, companies can both deliver the products and services they try to sell more easily to busy managers and save time by minimizing the time required to submit their offers. Because, instead of a sales speech that will take 30-40 minutes or a text of 10 pages long, preparing an average 2-minute whiteboard animation video and allowing the managers to watch it provides significant profit on behalf of the companies that aim to promote.

  • It attracts a large number of viewers.

A study conducted at Invodo shows that on average 65 percent of viewers watch more than three-quarters of a video of a product or service. For this reason, companies that want to promote their products and services in the most effective way possible. Whiteboard animation can be said that they can benefit from short commercials prepared with For this, it is important to watch the videos between the first 10 seconds and 1 minute. In order to minimize the drop, an extremely attractive and convincing video introduction should be prepared. When it comes to the middle parts of the video, trying to increase the audience’s interest and overcoming a problem for this purpose. It is recommended to mention themes such as sharing an important customer proposal or the presentation of some advantages that can be obtained by using the product and service. In this way, it becomes possible for whiteboard animation videos to attract much more viewers.

  • It reaches international customers.

Companies aiming to run a profitable and large-scale business will sooner or later need to reach domestic and foreign customers living abroad. For this reason, company owners who are considering reaching a global audience with video marketing. It can be said that they can easily accomplish this with Whiteboard animation. Thanks to whiteboard animation, which is a much more useful method than marketing audio or text-based content, it is possible for companies to reach millions of potential customers all over the world in a short time. Whiteboard animation with its technique and technique, people whose mother tongue is not Turkish can easily be reached and companies can have the opportunity to promote products and advertisements anywhere in the world at extremely low costs.

  • It prevents the decrease in customer base.

Many companies with a standard e-mail list notice that they receive many subscribers with every new product and service advertisement they send. Although this is an event that can normally be met, it reduces the number of potential customers. For companies, it becomes a serious problem after a while. At such times, it can be said that companies aiming to reduce subscriber output can benefit from whiteboard animation ads. Because a study by Eloqua adds short promotional videos to their e-mails. It proved that the decrease in subscribers of companies decreased by around 75 percent. This is whiteboard animation for companies that avoid quickly losing their subscribers