You can’t be home every minute of every day with your garden, but thanks to technology, specifically mobile apps, you can control your garden environment from afar.

It’s amazing to see how far home cultivation technology has come over the last decade. While many of these technological advances have been developed with the aim of producing bigger harvests, some have also been created with the grower in mind. To this end, the integration of mobile apps with cultivation technology has given people access to their gardens previously unimaginable.

Whether it be lights integrated with cameras that allow you to observe the health of your plants, or environmental controllers that allow you to make tweaks to conditions from afar, this technology is a huge asset for the modern grower.
While mobile apps are used for just about everything today — from online banking to fantasy football — they are still relatively new on the cannabis cultivation scene. Yet, with such a huge push for mobile integrations with horticultural technology, we thought it worthwhile to put together this brief exploration.

The Benefits of Using App Compatible Equipment

There are many benefits to using app-compatible cultivation technologies. For the most part, these benefits are related to being able to monitor growroom conditions like heat, humidity, temperature, and CO2 from remote locations. Therefore, mobile apps provide critical data which gives peace of mind when you are away from your cannabis garden.
Remote viewing of your indoor garden via mobile apps is valuable on several fronts:

Maximizing the usage of electricity
Keeping the premises secure
Manually tweaking environmental conditions
Troubleshooting before problems become bigger
Added flexibility in travel schedules
Hard data to follow for troubleshooting purposes

As any experienced cannabis grower knows, seeing a crop through from seed to harvest takes serious dedication. Not only does app-compatible equipment demystify this process with hard data sets, but it also gives growers the flexibility to monitor their gardens when away from home. This are huge assets for growers who keep indoor crops going all year.

What Type of Grow Equipment Works with Apps?

Today, mobile apps are regularly integrated with many different types of indoor gardening technology. While each of these apps and technologies serves a specific purpose in the growroom, they are all designed to help growers better monitor crops.

Atmospheric Controllers

Atmospheric controllers are likely the most popular app-compatible type of smart grow technology. Importantly, all atmospheric controllers are designed to monitor as well as regulate the environmental conditions within a growroom or greenhouse. The most sophisticated atmospheric controllers are integrated with exhaust fans, HVAC systems, grow lights, CO2 injectors, and dehumidifiers.
Top-of-the-line app-compatible atmospheric controllers allow you to make tweaks to your growroom’s environment from your mobile phone. With this perk, growers can solve small environmental issues in their gardens before they become big problems.

Grow Lights

Certain grow light manufacturers have begun integrating app-based controls with their light fixtures. Depending on the model of lights, they can give real-time readouts of canopy temperatures, as well as detailed views of plants by way of high-definition cameras. With an up-close and personal view, you can monitor plant health for bugs, molds, and pathogens.
LED grow lights that are integrated with mobile apps can often be controlled remotely. With this functionality, you can alter the spectrums of your LED lights from afar, including changing to blue light for vegetative growth and red light for flowering.
The AC Infinity app allows you to remotely control your fan using your mobile device.

Grow Tent Monitor & Control

Other manufacturers have designed mobile apps that pair specifically with equipment for grow tents. For example, AC Infinity recently launched a mobile app for their grow tents and exhaust systems that allows you to monitor equipment and conditions from a distance. The AC Infinity App is available on both Android and IOS.
The AC Infinity app allows you to keep a close eye one temperature and humidity levels in your tent. The app integrates with the AC Infinity Controller 67, through which you can regulate the speed of tent exhaust fans in accordance with current conditions.

Growroom Monitor

Growroom monitors function similarly to environmental controllers, but with far less functionality. Generally speaking, growroom monitors measure humidity, temperature, and CO2 in your growroom, then relay this info to a mobile app. However, these monitors only provide data as opposed to being integrated with any actual environmental controls. As such, they allow you to keep tabs on your garden, but you can’t make any changes to the environment through the app.

Fertigation System

Fertigation systems have become a critical tool for many commercial cannabis growers in the industry. Importantly, they offer unparalleled accuracy for mixing nutrients and feeding your plants. While mostly used by commercial producers, smart fertigation systems are also compatible with larger home gardens.
Smart fertigation systems pair with mobile apps to give real-time readings on the quality of your irrigation water. As such, app-compatible fertigation systems provide a first-hand glimpse of your water quality, including pH, PPM, and TDS. Even more, certain fertigation platforms allow you to dictate nutrient mixes and fertilization programs from a distance through your mobile phone.


It can’t be denied that app-compatible grow technology offers serious conveniences for modern cannabis growers. In the end, the ability to monitor your garden from a distance is always a major benefit. Even more, the data provided by mobile apps can be instrumental in troubleshooting your garden.
It’s safe to say that the only downside to app-compatible grow technology is the extra cost that comes with it. Yet, it can easily be argued that this technology will save you both time and money by giving you a more in-depth view of your garden’s health.
If you want to try mobile apps as tools for growing indoor cannabis, but don’t have money to invest in new equipment, there are several free apps available online. While they aren’t linked to specific pieces of technology, these apps serve important functions like measuring usable PAR light and providing nutrient feeding schedules.
Whatever your indoor gardening need, there is likely a mobile app available to help you out.