Celery is used in many dishes which make the food crunchy and tasty. There are number of benefits which can be obtained from celery seeds and extracted substance. It can be used to make low calorie snacks. It is used to make traditional Chinese medicine; people prefer to eat celery-based medicine as compared to eat celery sticks. Celery is enriched with fiber and antioxidants which is very useful for cardiovascular and digestive systems. In addition, you can also freeze and store celery for later use.

Celery Use as Food

Mostly people can use celery as food in the form of raw and cooked. Raw celery contains much more quantity of nutrients as compared to cooks as food. When we used celery in boiled form it loses its nutrition effect, while on steaming celery for ten minutes can be benefited for human being because antioxidants are not affected by this process.

It has good combination with cheese and peanut butter. It can also be used with apple, lemon, spinach and cucumber. It can produce healthy and tasty smoothie. Celery seed and celery can be used as soups, salads and risottos.

Dietitians recommended some recipes in which celery is used as dieting food, celery and carrots with tomato chicken soup as well as braised celery.

Some Others Important Benefits of Celery

Some scientists suggested that chemicals are extracted from celery also helpful to cope with several diseases:

  • jaundice
  • gout
  • bronchitis
  • asthma
  • vomiting
  • fever

Inflammation and Cancer Treatment

A chemical compound is known as apigenin, which is present in celery. Apigenin plays a vital role in Chinese medicine quite valuable against inflammatory, bacterial and viral infections. It is also helpful to combat with cancer

In 2016 laboratory experiments have shown that apigenin, to treat with apoptosis, in this case programmed cell death take place. Luteolin is another substance which is found in celery. Luteolin may have ability to fight against carcinogen components and also helpful for metastasis.


Some specialists use celery and extracted material of celery for treatment of blood pressure problems. As we know that Celery is enriched with fiber, scientists review that a high intake of fiber may cause lower blood pressure as compared to those who take poor fiber food.

High Concentration of Lipid in Blood

When the concentration of lipid is high in blood refers to as hyperlipidemia. In this case person has to face cardiovascular problem such as heart attack and atherosclerosis. Certain experiments show that a chemical substance extracted from celery have capacity to reduced bad lipid from the body of rats. Low density lipoprotein and cholesterol are example of poor lipid.

Growth and Development of Nerve Cells

Neurogenesis deals with study of growth and development of nerve cells. Apigenin promote the growth and development process of nerve cells. In 2009, scientists performed their experiment on rat and noted that apiginin is quite useful for neurogenesis and improve the quality of learning.


It is noted that celery has some harmful effect on the human body, which cause several allergic reactions. Its harms can be identified by the following symptoms.

  • Bloating
  • Hives
  • Shorting of breathing process


It is condition when person hard to breath, it would be fatal. When someone eats celery and it cause allergic reaction in the respiratory tract as result person hard to breath. In this situation person need medical aid. Such person should check on his food chart. A pregnant woman should not to eat celery seed supplements, because it can cause serious urinary system problems.

 Rich with Nutritional Contents

Main composition of celery with the following valuable component:

  • Water
  • Dietary fibre
  • Apigenin
  • Limonene
  • Kaempferol
  • folate
  • p-coumaric acid
  • vitamin K
  • vitamin A
  • potassium
  •  vitamin C
  • Luteolin
  • Selinene