Today we are here with our honest Bella Wig Store reviews. Store reviews will give you insight into this site and also help you make your decision. If US people have any questions about this shop’s policies, return or refund, feel free to stay here and read on to find out.

The store is not a new launch and is serviced by professional staff for various hairstyle statements. Let’s read on.

What is Bella Wig Store?

The site is dedicated to wigs and hair accessories. If you want professionally curly, wavy, straight hair, you can visit the web portal. Is Bella Wig Store Legit gaining popularity among many buyers who are looking for a pertinent answer on the Internet.

What distinguishes this store?

We see all wigs and accessories are on sale and the photos of all the products are quite enticing.

• The web portal offers a “Buy 1 and get 1” offer.

• 50% discount is also available.

• The web portal displays the popular hairstyles 2021 for fashion lovers.

• The store also displays the “Preferred Wigs” category.

• The store has a dedicated section for readers with various blogs.

• Let’s check the Bella Wig reviews against the store’s specifications.

Specifications of Bella Wig Store:

• The URL to visit is

• The e-mail address is [email protected].

• The physical address of the online store is MELEDO Company Limited, 31, Southampton Row, Greater London, UK, WC-1BSHJ (this address cannot be used for return purposes)

• The contact number is (214)506-0860

• Online chats are available Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 6:30 pm (PST)

• Returns and exchanges only possible within 14 days.

• Returns: Will notify you of approval or rejection depending on the completion of the return process.

• Payment methods are Amex, Discover, Visa, MasterCard and many others mentioned in Bella Wig store reviews.

• A shipping policy that takes an additional three to five days

Advantages of the store:

• Has HTTPS protocol which is a good sign

• The date of registration of the website should be registered on 25-06-20 20.

• The site is easy to navigate and the home page is informative.

Store disadvantages:

• The site has not received buyer feedback.

• No social media icons.

• Five-star customer reviews are available on the official website.

Is Bella Wig Store legal?

During our initial analysis, we searched for real buyer reviews to see if this website was trustworthy or not. Read the entire study listed below.

• Domain Age: The site is eight months old.

• Popularity: Alexa’s rating is # -zero.

• Website address: is ambiguous as many other deceptive websites share the same address.

• Domain name: is registered under a different name.

• About us: this section only contains the email address.

• Confidence rate: Confidence score is weak, only 1%.

• Popularity and Promotion: The site has not carried out any promotional activities in the last eight months.

• No Bella Wig Store Customer Reviews: Yes, there are no reviews available

• No return address: The website does not include a return address that buyers can return to

• Copied website content: The website content is not original.

• Social Media Links: No social media icons are available on the site.

• Owner’s identity: the owner’s identity is hidden.

Customers opinion

Customer reviews are a very important factor for any internet portal that enhances and portrays its image. Our team searched hard for reviews from real buyers, but the reviews are not available on any third-party portal other than the official site. Reviews of the official website are not trustworthy.

Final Verdict on Bella Wig Store Review

All in all, after considering and re-inspecting all findings and all vulnerabilities found from various interfaces and sources, it looks like the web portal is not real. Many American employees still struggle to find true reviews.

A fake website address, negligible trust score, lack of popularity, lack of promotion, hidden owner information and many other factors make it a fraudulent website.

We believe that our readers will not fall into the trap of such online stores.

What is your opinion on this review? Have you ever tried this site? Share your experiences with us.