From easy installation to low maintenance, there are numerous reasons to choose artificial grass over natural grass. Despite any harsh weather, artificial grass can give your properties the aesthetic look you need. Artificial grass installation has been gaining popularity worldwide in recent years.

Top-quality artificial grass providers like Bella Turf, Canada, are known for their long-lasting, realistic artificial grass. Choosing the best artificial grass available for your space is essential to make the most of your money. So, let’s learn a bit about Bella Turf, the leading artificial grass producer worldwide.

Bella Turf

Bella Turf is a famous Canadian company specializing in selling and installing artificial grass and turf. The company strives to make the buying process of artificial grass easy for customers.

Bella Turf features a wide variety of products that are enough to meet all artificial grass needs. The artificial grass from Bella Turf is characterized by its durability, versatility, longevity, etc. The company is particular about keeping safety standards high regarding all its products.

With its quality products and services, Bella Turf has won the prestigious Consumer Choice Award for five consecutive years since 2017. Its 15-year warranty promise makes it more iconic than all its counterparts.

Bella Turf: Defining Features

Bella Turf is committed to making a change in the artificial grass industry. Their team expects to make a positive difference from its counterparts. So, Bella Turf mentions its three core features on its official website. They are as follows.

  • Bella Turf artificial grass is water-friendly.
  • Bella Turf artificial grass is earth-friendly.
  • Bella Turf artificial grass is pet-friendly.

Let’s look at each of these features in detail.


Bella Turf artificial grass does not need liters and gallons of water to survive, so users do not need to waste any water on it. Likewise, it drains just like natural grass, so it does not retain water unnecessarily. So, it is much easier to maintain a healthy artificial grass lawn than a natural one without using any water.


Bella Turf artificial grass is designed to be earth-friendly. It comes with recyclable content. So, the users need not worry about the Bella Turf grass causing damage to the environment. Unlike natural grass, Bella Turf artificial grass does not cause carbon dioxide emissions.


One of the biggest concerns of artificial grass owners is whether the grass can cause health or other issues with their pets. But Bella Turf has already taken care of that aspect. Bella Turf’s entire range of products is pet-friendly. It is safe for all kinds of pets to be on and use the grass. The Bella Turf artificial grass has passed numerous safety tests and has proven its friendliness to pets and children.

Bella Turf artificial grass does not accumulate dirt or dust. So, the pets will remain neat and clean even after using the grass. Also, the artificial grass does not contain any flowers or bugs. So it does not attract any pests, insects, rodents, etc. So, the pets can be kept safe on the grass without any insect or pest attack.